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 associative process

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PostSubject: associative process   associative process Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 11:22 am

Besswaznosti speech typically arises in the face of heavy disturbances of consciousness-amence. Hospitalized while not pin is not enough and does not understand the request to the speech. A manifestation of disorders of thinking can be verbal stereotypes characterized by repetitive thoughts, phrases or individual words. The voice of stereotipiam perseveration, verbigeration and standing up. Perseveration most frequently encountered in slaboumii caused by the defeat sossoudistam brain, in the age atroficskih processes in the brain. The consequence of a breach of intelligence people can not understand the regular question and answer instead of repeating what has been said before. Verbigeration only conditionally can be attributed to the disorders of thinking, as they closely resemble propulsion violent acts. Patients fashion, Mujib, sometimes exactly repeat of the word, and sometimes a combination of meaningless sounds. Often, the symptom was modulations movements : patients raskacervesa, pump head, waved a finger at the same time and repeat : "Leju-leju meju-mezhou ... ... ... guju-guju tuju-tuju glajoi-glajoi .... Verbigeration are more likely to be part of katatoniceski or gebefreniceski syndromes specific to schizophrenia. Standing turnover is a stereotyped expression, similar thought, in which the patient has returned to the conversation. The standing revolutions are a sign of lower intelligence, devastation thinking. Standing steam fairly common in epilepticescom slaboumii. They can occur in atroficskih brain diseases, such as Pick disease. In a number of cases in patients, it appears that some of the processes in thinking there against their will and they are not able to control his thinking. Examples of this are symptomatic influx thoughts and breaks in thinking. The influx of thoughts (mentizm) is painful for the patient of chaotic flow of speeding in his head thoughts, usually emerging in the form of attack. At that point, the patient is unable to continue normal operation distracted from the interview. The painful thought is not a logical number, and people can not hand them out, complains that "thoughts are parallel rows", "hot", "convergence", "holding one for the other", "confused". Breaks in thinking (sperrung, stopping, or thinking Haaretz) is a sense that "the thought away from the head", "empty head", "dumal-dumal and suddenly as if in utknulsa wall." The violence of these symptoms can raise the patient suspicion that someone specifically manages his thinking as a hindrance to think. Mentizm sperrung and is a manifestation of automaticity ideatonego prevailing mostly in schizophrenia. The attacks mentizma be distinguished difficulties in thinking arising from the diet (for example, astenicescom syndrome), in which patients are unable to concentrate, to focus on the work, unwittingly beginning to think of something minor. This state never has recited sense, violence. The variety of disorders associative process typical of schizophrenia, in which the images warehouse thinking could dramatically change, with autisticski, symbolic and paralogicaki nature. Autisticescoe thinking is reflected in the emergency shut, pogrujennosti in peace own fantasies, divorced from reality. Patients not interested in the practical value of their ideas may think the idea is contrary to reality, to make it findings to the same senseless, as the assumption.
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associative process
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