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 inflammatory process

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PostSubject: inflammatory process   inflammatory process Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:13 pm

Pericardit - inflammation serosny pericardium, serous membrane heart. Pericardit rarely seen as a distinct form of pathology, usually it is a private display poliserosita or as a complication of non-communicable and infectious (sepsis, pneumonia, etc.) sickness or injury. In clinical practice to pericarditu are often the pericardium destruction, in particular in blood diseases and tumours, which is not strictly conform to the definition as pericardita inflammatory process : bleeding in the pericardial, infiltration his leikoznami cages, the germination of cloth gloves, etc. Any changes in the developing pericarde, of the accumulation of fluid and gills pericardium was known to ancient physicians. With the start patologo-anatomicesc x autopsies in Europe, in the 17-18 centuries. , a more accurate description pericardita in the works Stenona (1669), Lancisi (1728), Haller (1756), etc. Prijiznennaya pericardita diagnosis has been made possible in the early 19th century thanks to the development of England and auskultace whose application to establish and describe the signs pericardita, the expansion of the absolute heart website (at vodanke okoloserdia "), and the noise friction pericardium. Нагумович L. (1823) first described a patient who died of cardiac arrest
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inflammatory process
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