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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 significant deterioration of the process

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significant deterioration of the process Empty
PostSubject: significant deterioration of the process   significant deterioration of the process Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:14 pm

Mastit or grudnica (from the Greek. Mastos-chest), is a stable inflammatory process in the breast associated with the primary entry abdominal infection in her parenhimu or stromu, often with a tendency to spread, abdominal destruction iron and the body fat ratio, retromammarna tissue, and even in the generalization of the infection. Inflammation breast increasingly found in the nursing mothers, mainly in pervorodath but not in pregnant in the last weeks before and much less to the girls or women in menopause. The highest incidence is in the age group of 21 years to 25 years (47% of patients). Of the total number of patients lactation mastitom : pervorodaschie-65%, after the second birth, 29% and mnogorojavschie 6%. The 45% of patients localized inflammation in the right breast, with 39% in the left; Of the 16% of affected both gland. The 82% mastit moving in the first four weeks postpartum period. Through neocrepshuu leather coat, cracks, scratches, bruises exkoriation meningitis infection of lymph vessels entering intersticialnuu tissue cancer and is associated with the inflammatory process. It can penetrate the dairy moves cuts in cancer and pulmonary input ERCP lead to the development of mastita. Mastita disease almost always normal gnoerodne microbes (Staphylococcus, streptokocc, Escherichia coli, etc.). The 90% of patients in mastitom gnoe (with rice) show different types of staphylococcus, the 6-8% other types of microorganisms. Often, the disease is the stagnation in the milk gland. It is increasing at a rate napragaetsa becomes dense and painful, and entered the army removing microbes in milk input streams portions. Toxins microbial damage epithelium, vastilati floodplain and cuts, which leads to a breakthrough in micro intersticialnuu fabric, to the development of inflammation and education gnanikov or flegmona breast. When entering via damaged skin coat process can sometimes limit beneath subcutaneous tissue and education areolarnogo fester. For the overwhelming majority of patients infected by lymphatic vessels penetrate tissue intersticialnuu mammary gland and leads to reflectornomu expansion of its vessels. Pathology Nervno-sosudistaya reaction is the first phase of the inflammatory process and the whole picture inflammation of the serous fish tissue. Stagnation in the milk gland lactoiruta led to a significant deterioration of the process. The virulentnee entered infection, the greater the pain, the sooner it leads to the development of purulent below the breast. In most cases, the mastite the education of one or more increasingly interconnected abscesses. When the fester in the portion on the back of the gland, it can reveal kletchaterne space behind it, and then formed a rare form-retromammarnyi abscess.
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significant deterioration of the process
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