Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 significant impact

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Mezotimpanit considered to be non-malignant form. Roughly speaking, it is believed that he could not cause complications, although these complications occur. It is believed that when mezotimpanite perforatine hole in the bottom, and through him from the barrel cavity evacuated sluschennogo cancer, inflammatory. Plate must evacuate through listening tube, but if auditory tube was malfunctioning, but the evacuation was a drum pereponku and thus no complications. In mezotimpanite suspension only mucous membrane. Morphological changes Morphological changes in the mucous lining barrel cavity is proliferatiei, serosnam propitavaniem, education small multiple true cyst in submukoznom layer periodic emergence of granulation or polyps. The biggest change is podapitelialny layer thickening are usually unequally-more in the area of niche promontorialna wall and the purchase seeds. Changes epitelialnogo cover expressed that the cylindrical and mercationa cells become ill during a period of rising, places are izgyazwlenia surface. Periostalny Layer changing with the chronic irritation that leads to progressive education via osteoblastov less metaplazii by new bone, as podslizisty layer at the same time and the eye. This process, over time, leads to the formation of bone mass, more bescletocna skleroticescoy (ebournizirovanna) bone mainly in the middle of the bone tissue; Ebournization often extends to the bone. Clinical presentation subjective symptoms expressed little. Patients complain of recurrent (more), or eliminate standing of the ear and hearing loss, in rare cases, the sense of noise in ear, dizziness. The pain in the ear may be only worsening process; Sometimes it is in the secondary diseases external ear-visual diffuse or limited otite. Highlight of the middle ear are gnano-slizisty nature; With the granulation and polyps sometimes can be seen krovanisto-gnoynye allocation. Otdelemoe are odourless, volume may be small or abundant (with growing). Hearing in mezotimpanite downgraded to a defeat zvukoprovodaschego apparatus. In the long gnoetechenia may be signs of defeat IL1 apparatus; Is the result of falling into a maze through the spring round-ups of inflammation and toxins (latent form induced glue). The downward hearing depends not so much on the size of the perforation, but the security chain hearing pits, on the degree of violation of their mobility due sreatmenami and, finally, on the degree of mobility plates and stirrups membranes round windows. The opening in a barrel pereponke lowers hearing about 20 to 30 dB, but its value has not had a significant impact on lowering the hearing, the total defect hearing is lowered more. The course of chronic mezotimpanita usually quiet, separated from the ear sometimes continue for years without causing any serious complications. Often eliminate terminated independently vozobnovlacy in danger. The reasons for the deterioration of the process can be cold, catch the water in the ear, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract disease nose, mucus, okolonosovykh sinuses, etc. In these cases, increased gingival, body temperature rises, there is a sense pulsation in the ear, sometimes blurred pain in the ear.
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significant impact
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