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 indication of the alleged impact

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indication of the alleged impact Empty
PostSubject: indication of the alleged impact   indication of the alleged impact Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:46 pm

El mental automaticity usually strengthened rights in the thought that he no longer belongs to itself, serves only "toy in the hands of persecutors" (a school) that all his mental and physical life is controlled and operated by the complex technical devices or hypnosis (crazy effects). Sometimes, it is suspected that the impact of persecutors can strike internal organs, cause severe disease (cancer), or even sudden death. In the scientific literature has been discussed nozological specificity Kandinski-klermbo syndrome. Described sightings of the automatic intokshikaih and somatogennah diseases, which does not consider this as a syndrome patognomonicny for schizophrenia. In clinical practice, as the emergence of the syndrome, in most cases, are linked to schizophrenia, which was characterized ideatorne automatic considered in the International Classification of Diseases ICD-10 as one of the most important signs of the disease (syndromes first rank K. Schneider). The dynamics of chronic nonsense has been extensively studied French psychiatrist B. Maniacom. In the future described in treated as a paranoyalnogo, paranoidnyi and parafrennogo syndromes. Paranoyalny syndrome, the primary interpretativei crazy with a high degree of systematization, characterized fabulami persecution, jealousy, inventive, sometimes delirious ipohondriceski, sutajnam, property damage. Feeling the paranoyalnom syndrome lacking. Distorted ideas are not on the basis of errors of perception, but because paralogicnogo explanation of the facts true. Often demonstrations paranoyalnogo nonsense preceded by a long sverhzennah ideas. Therefore, in the early stages of diseases such nonsense might appear credibility. Football patient delirious idea is calm, perseverance in the statement fabula (symptom monologue). Paranoyalny syndrome tends to chronic course, but easy to therapy psychotropic substances. It can be not only in schizophrenia, but also in inwaluih psihozah, decompensaciah paranoyalna Psychopathy. Some psychiatrists describe it as a distinct illness. In schizophrenia paranoyalny syndrome inclined towards the further development and the transition to paranoidnyi crazy. One sign paranoidnyi syndrome, the presence of hallucinations (psevdogalloucination more), along with the systematic persecution of ideas. The hallucinations defines new fabul-nonsense ideas exposure (less poisoning). An indication of the alleged impact from the point of view of patients, a sense of mastery (mental automaticity). Thus, in the main manifestations paranoidnyi syndrome coincides with the notion of mental syndrome Kandinski-klermbo automaticity. The latter are not only options paranoidnyi syndrome accompanied by the true taste and UV hallucination and illusion poisoning. In paranoidnom syndrome be some tendency to break delirious system, crazy like a fussy, absurdities.
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indication of the alleged impact
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