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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 rapid positive dynamic process

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PostSubject: rapid positive dynamic process   rapid positive dynamic process Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:15 pm

When increasing fibrinozhnykh box at the plate serosny pericardium pain reduced, and noise becomes rough, heard over the whole zone absolute dumbness heart. He could become a two - or three, because there is in the phase of testing Systolic, the rapid filling and Systolic projection. In some cases, the noise friction can be permanent heard just a few hours. Noise friction always restricted zone absolute dumbness or heart lies in a part rebounds with heart reductions. An important hallmark of перикардиального noise is a bad conductivity ( "die where born"); It is not generally used in a relatively cordial Center. Conversely, if in the area heard the noise friction and simultaneous reductions in heart, it usually does not apply to the zone absolute dumbness and should be perceived as a pleuropericardialna s. For noise friction characterized variation in time, and often dependent on the respiratory phases. They think that the noise friction pericardium can be reinforced with nadavlivanii saying, in the evolution of tola patients with head zaprokidavanii ago. In fonocardiografii noise friction pericardium is dominated radio components variability in the length and strength, dependence on breathing and fluid only HF components, the subwoofer is a constant. Pericardialny noise away from the tone I further than valvular sistoliceski. Depending on the etiology in some cases, rapid positive dynamic process, friction noise heard just a few hours (эпистенокардический перикардит), in others the перикардита becomes prolonged or recurring (аутоаллергический перикардит) in the third-place becoming a выпотной перикардит. Vpotna or ekssoudativei, pericardit is usually next to the dry pericarditom stage in the development of the disease. The accumulation of liquid effusion in перикардиальной cavity can be also going dry stage. This is the rapidly emerging aspect pericarditah (allergic), and pervicno-hronicakih cold (tuberculosis, tumor). The slow accumulation of fluid within sharply increased pericardialna grudino-rebernaya cavity surface of the heart and its top retain contact with the plate pristenocna serosny pericardium or separated from the thin layer of non-liquid. Noise friction pericardium disappears immediately.
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rapid positive dynamic process
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