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 productive and positive

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PostSubject: productive and positive   productive and positive Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:51 pm

The prevalence and clinical picture of the fall of intellectual activity, emotional impoverishment and the power building, which prevailing negative disorder typical of a simple version of the nuclear schizophrenia. Paranoid schizophrenia. The development of this form of schizophrenia are stages paranoyalnogo, paranoidnyi, parafrennogo nonsense, and the final products. The dynamics shematicna as paranoid schizophrenia can stop its progress in any of the stages. In this form of schizophrenia provide two options : bredovy and galloucinatornyi. The main difference these options depends on the degree of gravity psevdogalloucinathorno th syndrome in the paranoidnyi nonsense. In the early development of bredovy paranoidna schizophrenia paranoyalnoe a state with all its attendant features. Typically, it is highly systematized nonsense. Paranoidnyi came the development of the syndrome Kandinski-klermbo preceded term acute problems trevojno-boyazlive states : patients were instituted, fear, it is said that misunderstand that happens to them. Then let the initiation and development Kandinski-klermbo syndrome. In some cases, fabula paranoidnyi nonsense is a continuation fabula paranoyalnogo nonsense. Kandinski-klermbo deficiency in the structure of the paranoidnyi nonsense variable. There is increasing with the growing syndrome. Ackzotserbation (aggravation) also states have trevojno-boyazlivogo institute. Sometimes, in its dynamics syndrome Kandinski-klermbo becoming a "positive influence" : people are beginning to tell what they are effects that it is intended to give them pleasure. Fire trevojno-boyazlivogo been lost, the mood often thriving. After a while, perhaps a new state, the so-called inverted Mental automaticity. Patients "suddenly offer, and because they are able to influence others, to make them any actions. The inverted mental automaticity spoke on the development of the transition in parafrennoe state. At parafrennom stage in patients to the development scheme (psevdogalloucination, confabulation) parafrenia. Periodic (recurrentnaya) schizophrenia Recurrentnaya form of schizophrenia has been in the form of attacks from a variety of (from a few weeks to several years). The number of attacks in patients during their life varies from 1 to 10 or more. Some patients each episode prompted exogenous point (symptomatic lability). There are three type attacks characteristic of recurrent disease. These include oneiroidno-katatonicescie, epressivno-paranoidn Exporter and the actual attacks. Select a version of recurrent disease, depending on the nature of the attacks is not possible in view of the fact that the majority of patients in the course of variations on its structure psihopatologicaka stroke. Asthma as a whole is good affeguostew, easily arise : some kind of sensuous nonsense, katatonicescie disorder. remission of high quality. No changes being patient after the first attack reveals intermissiah. Gradually, after repeated attacks in patients with a personality change, which is characterized by the following aspects : asthenia, giperstenicakimi, increasing efficiency, but with low efficiency creative and light disappearing emotional expressions. These changes are observed after the third, the fourth attack. Then, the activity decreases : attacks are becoming less frequent change in the identity of the frozen at the same level. One of the important characteristics of patients with recurrent schizophrenia is the that they always critical of the perenesennomu psihoticescomu as they clearly differentiate health and disease. Staff such patients are not reduced, with the exception of a slight decline in patients with asthenia personality changes. Forecast for recurrent disease rather favorable, but it should be borne in mind that the patients treated with depression expressed a suicidal thoughts and attempts. These patients need special monitoring. ristupoobrazno-progr edientnaya schizophrenia This form is characterized by repeated attacks against the background of a continuous ongoing process evident in a productive and positive simptomatike negative. Asthma in the form of schizophrenia varied differ extreme polymorphism and varying duration (from the tranzithornykh "continuing minutes before extending over a number of years). However, they occur less acute than recurrent bouts of schizophrenia, in the greater weight of paranoidnye galloucintorne and manifestations. Sometimes symptoms productive in pristupoobrazna progredientna schizophrenia is not limited to attacks, but also in mejpristupny period identifies growing deficitarnae personality change, the residual (reziduhalnaya) symptoms attack. Despite their heterogeneity, in the attacks ristupoobrazno-progr edientna schizophrenia are common features.
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productive and positive
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