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 conservative treatment

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PostSubject: conservative treatment   conservative treatment Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 11:24 am

Under favourable conditions and the treatment of post-gnoetechenia small holes in the barrel can pereponke SCAR education thin film, which consists only of the external and internal layers eardrum (average fibrosny layer is not to be refunded). Despite the favourable with chronic mezotimpanite may develop severe intracranial complications. Rise to their teeth, polyps and granulation. Mezotimpanitov outcomes : either the continuation of a chronic inflammatory process, or recovery education dry perforation from the end of persistent leaks or grown perforation (education atroficski scars). Granulation are particularly likely to occur along the edge of the central perforation in izgyazwlenia cancer, they gradually become coupling fabric to form seams in a barrel cavity. Usually in the granulation can be formed and polyps. The sick part of the mezotimpanite along with the processes of inflammation of the membrane lining the cavities usually in the walls antruma cells and bone tissue. Diagnostics Based on the history, clinics and otoscopicescoy picture (depending central perforation). Chronic eight mezotimpanit be differentiated epitimpanitom. Distinguishing features mezotimpanita : Robust central perforation, slizistoe, slizisto-gnoinoe or less purely purulent otdelemoe odourless; A smell points to the involvement of DMFT in the bones, indicating a shift of the bad form. Often when there is a large defect track of the eardrum can probe into the attic and oshchupati the wall in mezotimpanite they will be smooth, Senses caries is not. A role in the differential diagnosis of a ray method, in particular rays visochnykh bones in the projections Shuller and Mayer. In mezotimpanite bone tissue is not struck, there may be only a Disease (ebournation) in otrostke respond. However, the patients with mezotimpanite radiographic are destructive changes in antruma. Computed tomography of temporal bone more accurately identify destructive process. Treatment Prognosis in a systematic and rational general and local treatment, in most cases, benign. However, the department functions is often difficult to achieve, and the outlook for hearing must be treated with great caution. In most cases, after hearing gnoetechenia improving. Zatihanie inflammatory process by reduction in pain, mucous membrane and improving mobility impairments pits. If scar fixing hearing pits after treatment may not occur expected improvement hearing. For the same reason, umbilicus closing holes in the barrel pereponke may not always lead to an improvement in hearing. The , which take place in the clinic, and include the overall impact. The first phase of clinical treatment a toilet barrel cavity and brain pipes antiseptic solution, resulting in reduced severity inflammatory process in average ear and microflora no breeding ground. After toilet ear to reduce Myostimulation mucous membrane drum cavity fluid sossoudossoujiwatmi drugs and the method endauralnogo transtimpanalnogo nagnetenia extending all sectors barrel cavity and announces pipe.
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conservative treatment
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