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 conservative treatment of ulcers

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PostSubject: conservative treatment of ulcers   conservative treatment of ulcers Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:52 pm

Early and the most frequent symptom is heartburn (symptom "atsidisme"). Acid burp less concerned patients, it is usually after meals. Application constipation resulting from the changing emotional bowel patognomonicnam for ulcers duodenal ulcer. Differs the disease to the severity of astenovegetativeh (irritability, sleeping, working, etc.). In fisichalnom survey reveal symptoms : 1) cardiovascular dysfunction (increased sweating, red and white dermografizm, disgidros); 2) local pain and tension in muscles and epigastrii piloroduodenalna zone; 3) enhancing motor function stomach and large bowel (giperperistaltika, spasticescoe state); 4) involvement in other digestive system (pancreases, gall bladder). These tools and laboratory studies provide : a) a final diagnosis; B) The development of complications; C) find involvement pathological process other bodies. For ulcers duodenal ulcer is the secretion of stomach. In the study of gastric juice shows the basal and fostering secreting hydrochloric acid and pepsina 1.5-2 times compared with the secretions from healthy people. Direct sign ulcers detecting "niche", which most often is in heat duodenal ulcer less outside (postbulbarnaya). The main methods of diagnosis, radiology and endoskopiceski (fibrogastroduodenos opium). Income study reveals : direct evidence : a) "niche" with radiarna convergence occurs; B) deformation typical onion; Circumstantial evidence : a) privratnika patients; B) diskinesia bulbs, increase vitality and increased peristalsis duodenal ulcer; C) zubchatosti contours mucous membrane onion; D) hypersecretion stomach. Stenoses onion and degree of symptoms also showed rentgenologicaki. For diagnostic postbulbarnah ulcers use rentgencontrastnuu duodenografiu, hold her in the hypotonia duodenal ulcer. When fibrogastroduodenosk opia directly identifies defects ulcerated mucous membranes. The blood test helps with anemia massive suspect or recurring bleeding. Serial study stool screening blood helps identify hidden bleeding. Diagnostics Set correct diagnosis, it is necessary to bear in mind the following features : * Key : 1) typical complaints and typical Ulcerative history; 2) detection of lesions defect in gastroduodenoskopia; 3) Identification of symptom "niches" in the radiology study. * Additional : 1) localized symptoms (sore points, a local muscle tension in epigastria); 2) changes in basal and fostering secreta; 3) "indirect" symptoms in radiology study; 4) hidden bleeding from the digestive tract. The detailed clinical diagnosis consider : 1) clinical version (hospital disease stomach or duodenal ulcer); 2) form of the disease (for the first time detected, recurring); 3) containment ulcer : small curvature, antralny department privratnika channel; Vnelukovicnaya ulcers and ulcers comorbidity (data life and radiographic studies); 4) phase currents : the exacerbation, aggravation subsiding, MS; 5) the complications : jeludern-kisherne bleeding, perforation, penetration stenozirovanie, perivistserit, development of cancer, pancreatitis jet. Treatment conservative treatment of ulcers always integrated, differentiated, taking into account the factors that contribute to disease pathogenesis, localization ulcerative condition, the nature of clinical manifestation, the degree of the gastroduodenal system complications and related diseases. After a period of sick to hospital, as early as possible, since it found that the same method of treatment duration of remission higher for patients treated in hospital. In-patient care to be carried out before the full rubtsevania ulcer. But by that time, there were still saying and duodenit, which should continue treatment for the next three months on an out-patient basis.
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conservative treatment of ulcers
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