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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 treatment of heart

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PostSubject: treatment of heart   treatment of heart Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:18 pm

The main objectives of intensive care are : Correction gipovolemii, detoxification and pain. All these tasks are closely linked. Correction gipovolemii detoxification, and are subject to the application of integrated products orientability actions solutions electrolytes and protein blood in the strict relation to the pipeline, BCC, blood pressure diurezom. During the day an adult patient can pereliti from 5 to 8 litres in diureze uncertain. For infuzionna therapy useful in poligliukin dose of 400 to 1500 ml. In particular, its combination with reopoliglukine dose of 400-1200 ml, with the ability to improve microcirculation, the flow properties of the blood, reduce agregatia cells, and platelets, improve filtering of the kidneys, to some antikoagulyannetary effect. Miscellaneous time turning molecules these drugs in blood lines to the long-term support gemodinamicheski effect. However, it is less pronounced in a hypothetical desproteinemii and, therefore, in the integrated treatment of acute pancreatitis should be used dry plasma and albumin. The combination of these products with gemodesom possessing high complexing ability of the toxins can be obtained and detoxification effect. Interestingly, in recent years discovered antitripsinovy gemodesa effects, which are less common and reopoliglukin poliglukin. But without correction elektrolitnykh violations (gipokaliemia, gipohloremia, gipocalziemia) and associated metabolic alkaloza impossible detoxification and rehabilitation hemodynamics. Number potassium imposed 1% solution of potassium chloride, depends on its shortfall in the newly diureze. Given normal for the disease deficit magnesium, it is advisable to introduce the two cations additional product "panangin." Ions have spasmolytic activity, improve Oxytocics the attack, as to the transition of potassium ions from the extracellular space in the cells. Refunds calcium ions, especially in a pankreonekrose reach a solution of calcium chloride and calcium glukonata. Treatment of heart activity conducted under the supervision of ECG. According to apply high heart glycosides (strofantin, digoxin), koronarorasshirate means adrenergicakie supply, combined with high doses of vitamins C and Group B. Ascorbic acid 10 ml 5% solution to the normalization of vascular permeability of the wall and neutralize toxic products metabolism. Vitamin B1 is antispasticescoe effect on jelchne and pankreaticalkie floodplain improves carbohydrate, vitamin B2 increases glycogen synthesis of the liver, assimilate proteins and fats. Vitamin B6 reduces gipotenzivny bradikininiv effect. Increased blood circulation to and use eufillina, which eases pressure in a small range of circulatory has spasmolytic activity and improves kidney bloodstream. The value its ability to reduce pressure in the ducts and pankreaticescom streams. Spasmolytic effect eufillina complement to the introduction of 1-2 mL of 2% solution papaverina and 1-2 ml of 0.2% solution platifillina.
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treatment of heart
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