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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 absence of effective treatment

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PostSubject: absence of effective treatment   absence of effective treatment Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:54 pm

Asthma suffocation often combined with allergic alveolitis, fever and infiltration lung tissue. In the later stages of the disease develops пневмофиброз, бронхоэктазы, lung heart. Diagnostics In sputum emit Druze and aspergill submerged. Re-allocation of Aspergillus patients showed colonization or infection. The blood-leucocytosis, eozinofilia, increased Monday. At ray chest find small pockets of compressed, sometimes obazwestvljenne, amidst pnevmoskleroza and compaction roots of the lungs. In some cases, homes have the character of ball entities resembling tuberculoma. For diagnostic biopsy is proving defeated tissues and positive culture. Planting blood rarely positive. IgG antibodies in the serum to Aspergillus can be found in patients with colonization, and almost all patients with balls of thread mushrooms. Complications Abszess light. The course of illness to the grave, fever, shortness of breath, pain in the chest, krovoharkanye. Significantly increased weakness, anorexia, increased body temperature often occur oznoba and much skin. The main symptom strong pristupoobrazny cough allocating rich culture krovanistogo color containing fruit flakes (where fungus mycelium) and progilok blood. In the absence of drainage through the bronchi symptom of the missing. Fisichalno signs cavity or infiltrativogo process in the light. Pleurisy. In patients with pulmonary tuberculosis patients in the past artificial pnevmotoraksom after pnevmonektomii or lobectomii made about tuberculosis and lung cancer and result in the formation of bronhoplevralnogo fistula, in patients with reduced immunity, as well as in systemic aspergilleze can develop pleurisy. The fresh liquid with the character ekssoudata are brown komki containing mushrooms. Seeding liquid blood for the identification of fungal infection positive. Positive reaction precipitation in the study ekssoudata a specific antisavorotka. The blood detected liquid crystals of calcium oxalate. Treatment with krovoharkanye expressed by the patient with the cavity filled with mushrooms, has lobectomia. In aspergilleze, cavities or endobronhialnom, conservative treatment is not successful. In patients with invasive process without considerable immunodeficiency intravenous In amfoteritina can stop or eliminate infection. In the absence of effective treatment amfoteritinom In vial added. Intrakonazol 200 mg twice a day use in patients without express immunodeficiency syndrome. The acute and chronic koktsidioidomikoz lung infection caused by inhaling wind blown artrospor located in the air above the open ground. Clinical presentation for 40% of the patients primary pulmonary infection. Its features are : fever, cough, pain in the chest, malaise, sometimes reactions gipercuvstvenost and. In light when X-infiltration, pricorneva adenopatia and plevralny vpot. The blood test can eozinofilia.
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absence of effective treatment
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