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 pneumonia phase shows surgical treatment

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pneumonia phase shows surgical treatment Empty
PostSubject: pneumonia phase shows surgical treatment   pneumonia phase shows surgical treatment Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:24 pm

The purity of the entire body, frequent changes nec and bedding, as well as short hair and fingernails, daily Vapor mammary glands are crucial hygiene onto the nipples. Treatment Treatment should begin when the first symptoms and complaints of pain in the breast, inconvenient, unpleasant feelings induced cancer, etc. The lack of objective data in these cases should not result in the denial of treatments. The Serum mastita phase, attention should be paid to prevention of stagnation in the milk gland. Be sure to feed the child-feeding or pumping and pumping molokootsosom. There prevent venous stagnation in the mammary gland. In addition to causing milk, it is necessary to give it a horizontal position, using kosnocna bandages or victory. Then all of serosny mastita may disappear. In the case of a rise in temperature to 37 degrees and above for pain in breast should appoint sulfanilamidami treatment (1 g 4-5 times a day), penicillin injection of 200,000 U 4 times a day. Good influence penitsillin-novokaino TH blockade. Using a syringe and a long needle in retromammarnoe space being 150-200 ml of 0.25% or 0.5% solution novokaina with penicillin (200000-300000 U). With timely treatment serosnaya mastita phase can be eliminated and the inflammatory process is the opposite development. In zapozdavshem or incorrect treatment of the process of moving to the next phase. Timely and correct treatment at the acute phase infiltration failing to arrest and to reverse its development of a large percentage of patients. The elimination process in this stage should be applied to penicillin 200,000 U 4 times a day, physiotherapy (quartz, sollux, UHF, etc.) penitsillino-novokain apartment blockade. Must not be allowed to fester milk in the mammary gland and the breast-feeding that. If the release of breast feeding through to szezivati or otsasawati molokootsosom milk. The overwhelming majority of patients with pneumonia phase shows surgical treatment. The plight general should operation immediately on arrival in the hospital under local anaesthetic or in / in anaesthetic. Cut a length of 10 cm are at the place or fluctuation greatest pain in radiarnom direction is not going to okolososkovgo circle, or at 2-3 cm otstupa of hiding. Out into the skin, subcutaneous fat and reveal gnanica cavity. Entered into the cavity gnanica finger should be divided all tiaji and jumpers. If gnanica time in the upper or lower kwadrantah breast cutting to be done in the lower kwadrante and through him roll gnanik located in the upper kwadrante (Fig. 2). The difficulty emptying gnanica from one section to be done radiarnyi second run-protivootverstie. After the liberation of cancer in the cavity should be rubber drainage. In aftercare treatment period required in a phased manner : Phase hydration apply bandages from 10% solution of table salt, in the phase of dehydration - mazeve bandages (emulsion sintomitina, Vishnyevsk ointment, etc.).
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pneumonia phase shows surgical treatment
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