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 informative tests in the study

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PostSubject: informative tests in the study   informative tests in the study Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:51 am

The pack with fetal hypoxia divided into "acute" or rapid (nestressovy test breathing movements engine activity and tone fruit), and "chronic" of the length of the fruit is suffering as a result of recurrent or progressive hypoxia (malovodie and premature maturation placenta). In the primary stage of hypoxia primarily put nereaguogo nestressovou test (CNT), in which, with the aim of assessing the severity of hypoxia have ultrasound examination and the other biophysical parameters. In doing so, the pack replaces the stress test. Following the CNT has been declining respiratory activity fruit until the disappearance of his breathing movements in the progressive hypoxia disappear and the tone fruit. Changes in physical activity in the development of fetal hypoxia occur in reverse order on the timing of maturation in embrio- and fetogeneze governing centres CNS. Total pack the 6-7 score indicates a questionable state fruit, which required a re-study, and the 4-5 score and less indicative of the determination of intrauterine fetal hypoxia. In diagnosing fetal hypoxia importance attached dopplerometricescoy the blood supply to aorte and blood brain fruit. Dopplerometria allows earlier than cardiotokografia, diagnose intrauterine hypoxia, which helped to identify the women to be careful observation and treatment. Gemodinamicakie violations aorte and blood brain secondary fruit and a violation of the central hemodynamics fetus, in response to a decrease platzentarna white. Diastolicescoy increase blood flow velocity in the brain fruit in hypoxia indicating preservation of cerebral blood flow fruit in these circumstances by vazodilatace. Compensatornyi mechanism for the maintenance of normal blood brain with a reduced white platzentarna called "protection of blood." There correlatius relationship between average speed of blood flow in aorte and secondary brain artery fruit, pH, SOA and SV in his blood. In severe hypoxia reduction PI secondary brain artery reaches its maximum, which reflects the maximum dilatatia the receptacle. It is bad prognostic sign for the fruit, a zero or negative values of diastolic blood flow in aorte, indicating decompensation fetoplacental system. Typically, these changes are combined with the fall in the bloodstream umbilical artery, but the pupovinnogo blood can be normal. In later stages, as hypoxia progression of a venous blood (venous depressions, pechenocnae wrists). In order to diagnose an oxygen deficiency in the fruit out inspections and biochemical analysis okoloplodnykh waters. In the case of fetal hypoxia in amnioskopia show staining okoloplodnykh mekoniem waters. The most informative tests in the study okoloplodnykh waters generated by amniocenteze are pH below 7.02, RDF above 55 mm Hg, PQ below 80 mm Hg, the concentration of potassium above 6.5 mmol / O About oxygen fruit, in addition, indicate increasing alkaline phosphatase in okoloplodnykh waters more than doubled. Determination of the concentration of placental hormones in the serum and urine of pregnant women to detect platzentarnuu inadequate, resulting in a fetal hypoxia.
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informative tests in the study
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