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 tests confirmed functional diagnostics

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PostSubject: tests confirmed functional diagnostics   tests confirmed functional diagnostics Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:45 am

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (MQM), uterine hemorrhages in пубертатном, reproductive period and the period пременопаузы due to a violation of the functional state of gipotalamus-gipofiz-a icniki-napochecniki. Depending on the presence or absence of ovulation MQM divided into mals and anovulatorne latest occur in about 80% of cases. I. Anovulatorne dysfunctional uterine bleeding is cyclical intervals 1.5-6 months, continuing usually more than 10 days. They are mostly in periods of decadence, and the reproductive system : in пубертатном period (ювенильные bleeding), when цирхоральный (with a time interval) люлиберина release has not yet emerged, and in пременопаузе (пременопаузальные MQM), when цирхоральный release люлиберина violated as a result of age-related changes нейросекреторных structures hypothalamus. Anovulatorne MQM may arise in the reproductive period as a result of the disorder gipofizotropona the hypothalamus with stress, infections, intoksikatziah (MQM reproductive period). Juvenile dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Juvenile bleeding make up 10-12% of all gynecological diseases. seen at the age of 12-18 years. The pathogenesis of juvenile MQM leading role infectin-toksics Electronic impact on the age of Capability Maturity gipotalamicakie structures that regulate ovarian function. The adverse effect tonzillogenna infection. A role played by psychological trauma, physical overload, poor nutrition (in particular gipovitaminozy). For juvenile bleeding too much type anovulation, which happens atresia follikulov under owulatorna stage of ripeness. In doing so violated steroidogenez in aicnikah : estrogen products is relatively low and monotonous. Progesterone is produced in small quantities. As a result of the endometrium секреторно not changed, which prevents its exclusion resulting prolonged bleeding (though expressed гиперпластических changes in эндометрии not). Prolonged bleeding also contributes to the lack of activity sokratitionaya uterus is not yet reached a final development. Juvenile MQM has been in the first two years after menarche (first menstruation). The patient depends on the degree of кровопотери and severity of anemia. Application weakness, loss of appetite, fatigue, headache, paleness skin and mucous membranes, tachycardia. Design changes and rock properties coagulation of blood. Thus, with mild anemia агрегационная increased erythrocyte ability and strength generated эритроцитарных units deteriorating turnover blood. In severe anaemia reduced number of platelets and agregazionnaya activity declines fibrinoguena concentration, longer time blood clotting. The coagulation factors was as кровопотерей and developing alike syndrome диссеминированного внутрисосудистого out. The diagnosis is based on typical clinical picture anovulyatsia tests confirmed functional diagnostics. Difference diagnosed with a blood disease causing high кровоточивостью (for example, тромбоцитопенической пурпурой) гормонально-активной ovarian cancer, and миомой sarcoma cancer, cervical cancer, pregnancy прервавшейся from persons over 14 years of age. In gemokoagulyatsii violations in the history indicates bow bleeding and bleeding after the extraction of teeth, had bleeding gums, petehii, multiple subcutaneous bleeding; Diagnosis is confirmed by a special study of blood coagulation.
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tests confirmed functional diagnostics
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