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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 functional tests

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PostSubject: functional tests   functional tests Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:50 am

Principal compensatorno-prispo obitelna reactions fruit, to a lesser damage to the tissues in the lack of oxygen, is the increase in anaerobic glikoliza. As a result, there have been fewer and glycogen accumulation of acid exchange (lactic acid ketonove body lactate) in the liver, heart, brain, muscles and blood of the fruit, which leads to metabolicescomu or respiratorno-metabol Patriotic azidozu. At the same time, a policy peroxide oxidation of lipids, emitting toxic radicals, which, together with nedookislennami products in exchange progressirovanii hypoxia hurt enzymatic reactions, reduce activity respiratory enzymes violate strukturno-funktiona ine properties of cell membranes increases its permeability to ions. The most significant change in the balance of potassium ions that are emerging from cellular space, and the level in the blood plasma increased fruit. Similar changes are taking place in the magnesium and calcium. Clinical significance of these violations large. Giperkaliemia along with gipoksiei azidozom and plays an important role in perevozbujdenia parasimpaticescoy nervous system and the development of bradikardii. The increased permeability of cell membranes are energy famine and the death of cells. Clinical presentation and diagnosis of Clinical Manifestations of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy are scarce. These include changes in motion activity fruit felt pregnant. In the initial stage of foetal hypoxia pregnant the restiveness of the fruit, which is reflected in increasing and enhancing its motion activity. The progressive or prolonged hypoxia process, the fruit movements until they stop. Fewer movements fruit to 3 for 1 hour or less is a sign of intrauterine fetal suffering and serves as testimony to the urgent further study. The most informative and accurate evaluation of the condition of the foetus during pregnancy (in the last quarter) are cardiomonitornyi control and ultrasonic scanning. The primary grounds fetal hypoxia in the cardiotokografii tachycardia (up to 170 sp / min) or moderate aetiology (up to 100 sp / min), reduced variability heart rhythm, short (up to 50% account) monotony rhythm, relaxation response to the functional tests. EKG with the estimated 5-7 scores. When expressed suffering fruit are much aetiology (below 100 sp / min), or tachycardia (more than 170 sp / min), monotony rhythm (more than 50% of account), the paradoxical reaction to the functional tests (later deceleration in response to stir in the fruit nestressovom test), or its absence. About expressed fetal hypoxia reflected in the valuation cardiotokogramma 4 points or less. An additional criterion for assessment of the fetus during pregnancy is a biofiziceski profile (BNF). When hypoxia occurs progressive physical oppression of the fruit.
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functional tests
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