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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 the study of the characteristics and properties

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the study of the characteristics and properties Empty
PostSubject: the study of the characteristics and properties   the study of the characteristics and properties Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:04 pm

The treatment gnano-vospalitiona disease, which is one of the oldest in surgery, continues to be relevant (prevalence of this type of pathology, long-term treatment of patients). The basic principles of any treatment gnano-nekroticeskih processes are early removal devitalizirovannah tissue repression of microflora in the home defeat accelerate regeneration. I wrote NN Burdenko (1946) : "The desire to remove infection has always been to doctors, first on the basis of empirical thinking, and then the scientific. DST in one or another period played a major role. " It is widely in the treatment of abdominal infections received antibiotics. There is a growing clinical experience and experimental data for the treatment of gnano-vospalitiona diseases of the soft tissues and organs ferruginous (karbunkulov, furunkulov, abscesses, phlegmons, panariciev, mastitov, limfadenitov etc.), grand diseases of bones, joints, lungs and pleura. Antimicrobial therapy should be carried out taking into account the state of the organism, the nature or cause of them in the mixed flora for individual appointment chemotherapy and biologically active substances. Here, we must remember that antibiotics complement, but not replace surgery. Antibiotic in surgery nagnoitionah various diseases shows that the revaluation of their ability on the part of some patients might pass when it is necessary to improve the primary or secondary surgery. Success gnano-vospalitiona disease is a rational approach to each patient, the study of the characteristics and properties of the causative agent wound infection or their associations, antibiotics are not a substitute for surgery, but rather complement it. Antibiotic in abdominal surgery in the present circumstances is very difficult, due to the change in species composition and the properties of anthrax. In recent years, is widespread drug resistance of microorganisms, which is expressed antibiotic "first generation" (benzylpenicillin, streptomycin, levomicetin tetracycline). This is especially true for staphylococcus and gramotricationah bacteria (Escherichia coli, protei, wand sinezelenogo cancer, etc.), have acquired a high degree of антибиотикорезистент nosti (and even ntibiotikozawisimos i) mutagennogo because of the antibiotics.
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the study of the characteristics and properties
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