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 mental properties of the individual

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PostSubject: mental properties of the individual   mental properties of the individual Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:49 pm

Schizophrenia, mental illness is not the etiology, prone to chronic course and visible changes typical patient identity and the various degrees of symptoms other mental disorders, often leading to persistent violations of social adaptation and compensation. The disease patients are confined lose social contact, they get the emotional reactions. At the same time, there are varying degrees of symptoms disorders feelings, perception, thinking and dwigatelno-woleve violations. The clinical characteristics of Schizophrenia as a separate disease was first identified German psychiatrist E. Krepelinom. He has taken groups of patients who had previously been described in tumors : gebefrenia (E. Gecker) katatonia (K. Kalbaum) and paranoidov (V. Mianyang), and, on the basis of the their katamnesticski, found that the distant period they were kind dementia. The E. Krepelin together these three groups illnesses and referred to them as early dementia (dementia rraesh). Singling out one disease on the basis of the outcome of dementia, E. Krepelin at the same time, and prevent the possibility of recovery. Such known contradiction in the classification drawn by the attention and critically assessed. Subsequently, the Swiss psychiatrist E. Bleiler (1911) proposed a new term for the name of the disease - schizophrenia. " E. Bleiler believed that the disease is characterized by the outcome is not in a kind of dementia, but is a mental dissociation of personality, a specific change to the painful process. They were primary and secondary signs of the disease. The primary weakness is the loss of a sick social contacts, autism, get emotional, psychological splitting (specific violations thinking dissociation between psychiatric manifestations, etc.). All these personality disorders treated as a change in the individual shizofrenicescomu type. Those changes have given crucial in the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Other mental disorders, certain E. Blalerom as secondary, additional manifest senestopatiei, delusions and hallucination, delirious ideas katatonicakimi disorders, etc. These disorders it is not considered mandatory for schizophrenia, as they occur in other diseases, although some of them may be more characteristic of schizophrenia. Were identified and described some forms of schizophrenia. The three classic forms : gebefrenicescoy, katatonicescoy and paranoidna - has been added fourth form of a simple. Subsequently described, and other forms : ipohondrica, periodic, etc. The forms provided on the basis of the leading syndrome. However, as the clinical observation psihopatological symptoms typical of a form of schizophrenia, was not stable. The disease occurs in the early stages as the simplest form of the subsequent to detect signs of mental inherent paranoidna and other forms. A mental disorder is highly variable. In its characteristics are classified into negative and productive. Negative reflect fallout or distortion functions productive identifying special psihopatologicaka symptoms : hallucinations nonsense, features voltage, etc. Their ratio and representation in mental health patient dependent on progredientnosti and forms of the disease. For schizophrenia, as noted, the most important are distinct disorders of changing the identity of the patient. The severity of these changes reflect malignancy painful process. These changes apply to all mental properties of the individual. However, the most typical are intellectual and emotional. Intelligent disorder manifested in many ways violations thinking : patients complain of uncontrollable flow of thoughts, their zakuporku, overlap, etc. It is difficult for them to understand reading text books, textbooks, etc. There is a trend to capture the special meaning of the proposals words to create new words (neologisms). Thinking is often vague, in a language as a slippage from one subject to another for no apparent logical connection.
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mental properties of the individual
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