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 individual endurance preparation

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PostSubject: individual endurance preparation   individual endurance preparation Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:53 am

Among the many diagnostic pathology endometrium to be considered as the most credible and objective study gistologicescoe soskobov nervous cervical canal and uterus cavity obtained in the separate diagnostic vskablivanii. Recognition precancerous states endometrium is one of the most difficult sections of histology diagnosis, as they originate from human hormone balance and have some morphological similarity. Subsidiary method for the morphological characteristics of a gistohimiceski technique of the mitoticeski regime may be different at the same histology picture. The coagulation activity of tissue accompanied by changes mitoticeski regime and the emergence of pathological mitozov forms, the number of which is increasing significantly as progression of the pathological process. Scientists proved that the criteria should be considered an increase in the number of pathological mitozov to 30% and above (that is, one in every three cell divided correctly). Cytological especially giperplazirovannom endometrii appear 2-2.5 years earlier than are clear signs malignization. Hysteroscopy, in the visible hyperplasia of the endometrium, Heavy unevenly, sometimes with polipovidnami razrastaniami and rough surface. Color-from green to Kim, visible and blood vessels. Polyps endometrium : the shape and size of their wide range (round, prodolgovataya, konusovidnaya stretched), the size, ranging from 0.5-1.0 3-6 to see more surface smooth and even, in some places, the surface is kistosnye education with a thin wall. Polyps were located in the mouth of tubal ligation. Adenomatosnye polyps are more dull and loose, with a rough surface. Gisterografia is a ray method to study the introduction of a contrast substance in the uterus. In hyperplasia of endometrium occur in the radiograph is rough contours of the uterus cavity. Furthermore, many patients may be such investigations symptoms as filling defects, irregular shadows intensity in the cavity of the uterus. Radioizotopny method is a valuable diagnostic method using radioactive phosphorus. When it gets to the blood at a uniform distribution in the body and then up in the individual organs and tissues. The savings depends on the intensity of metabolic permeability of cell membranes, mitotic activity tissue. According to many authors, there was a significant accumulation of radioactive phosphorus giperplazirovannam endometriem. In adenomatose, especially ochagovom, the accumulation of radioactive phosphorus by 500% and> higher than in the unmodified tissue. Application of this method to be indicative of the abnormal localization process and the proliferation of cellular elements. Of noninvasive techniques, it should be noted ultrasound examination. The method of choice sonography pathology endometrium is transwaginalnaya ultrasound. Ultrasound diagnosis hyperplasia of endometrium based on the identification in the area of middle mother cries oval education plus in anteroposterior direction with a homogeneous structure and high ehoplotnostthew and when temperature (up to 4-7 mm) flat contours endometrium low zvukoprovodimosti restriction homogeneous zone with a smaller wave impedance. Treatment is that the outcome of the giperplasticski endometrium linked to a doctor tactic for these patients. Not leave these patients without special treatment. First of all, to stop bleeding and with a view to running should scraping mucous membrane uterus. Scraping is a very strong irritant, which affects the sexual glands. Once it has the ability of the uterus to respond to endo- and exogenous hormones. In addition, the scraping of great importance and the subsequent gormonoterapii because removes pathologically modified membrane. The most valuable this method in combination with gisteroskopiei. Removing endometrium without gisteroskopia often resulted in the abandonment of pathological pockets in the uterus and, hence, the erroneous diagnosis of disease recurrence, which in turn leads to early treatment. When treatments clinician primarily guided by the histology study scraping endometrium. The choice of treatment at an individual choice depends on the results of a comprehensive survey, the age of the patient, severity of proliferativeh processes, the related genital and ekstragenitalnah diseases individual endurance preparation. If the young women in all forms giperplazi, including atipicescuu leading method of treatment is conservative, which is aimed at restoring menstrual and generative function, the premenopauzalnom and postmenopauzalnom periods before expanding to surgical treatment, especially when precancerous conditions endometrium.
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individual endurance preparation
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