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 diagnosis is difficult

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PostSubject: diagnosis is difficult   diagnosis is difficult Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:47 am

Forecast, with the right treatment, usually benign. The 3-4% of the women who have not received adequate therapy can giperplasticeskih evolution of the endometrium (adenomatos, atipica giperplazia) in adenocartinomu. Most women with MQM ановуляторным suffer infertility. Progesterondefitsitno e is a good background for the development of fibrosno-kistosna mastopatii, mioma uterus, endometriosis. The risk of pregnancy is increasing dramatically in the second выскабливаниях mucous membrane uterus. Prevention MQM reproductive age similar to the prevention of juvenile bleeding. Effective preventive measures include the use of oral contraceptives, which not only reduce the frequency of unwanted pregnancies, and therefore abortions, but also suppress пролиферативные processes эндометрии Пременопаузальные MQM. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding in the period пременопаузы (пременопаузальные) for women 45-55 years of age, are the most common gynecological diseases, the bleeding caused by age-related changes in functional гипоталамических frameworks on the ovaries. The ageing of these structures is, above all, in violation of cycling luliberina release and the lutropina and follitropina. As a result, violated ovarian function : longer period of growth and maturation hair, not овуляция, a persistence or атрезия hair, a yellow body either does not produce or секретирует lack of progesterone. There прогестерондефицитно e state in the face of the relative giperestrogenia, leading to the same changes endometrium, as if MQM reproductive period. Such гиперпластические processes such as атипическая гиперплазия, аденоматоз in пременопаузе occur more frequently than in the reproductive age. This is not only human hormone ovarian function, but also the age immunodepressiei raise the risk of developing malignant neoplasms endometrium. The patients in the same way as other MQM age periods is determined by the size of the гиповолемии and anaemia. But given the high frequency of opportunistic diseases and obmenno-endokrinnah disorders (hypertension, obesity, giperglikemia), MQM, women 45-55 years has been greater than in other age periods. Violations of blood clotting characteristic of the juvenile bleeding and MQM reproductive period not occur because пременопаузе age is a tendency to гиперкоагуляции. MQM Diagnosis is difficult because menopausal increasing frequency of endometriosis, and миомы аденокарциномы cervix, endometrium polyps that cause uterine bleeding, ациклический nature can be due to age ановуляцией. MQM during premenopauza often combined with endometriosis cancer (20% of cases), mioma uterus (25% of cases), polipami endometrium (10% of cases), 24% of women with MQM observed at the same time and endometriosis mioma uterus. Relatively rare cause of MQM and recidivating processes эндометрии may be гормонально-активные (гранулезо- and текаклеточные) ovarian tumors. In order to identify the organic intrauterine pathology hold separate scraping mucous membrane channel cervix and corpus uteri. The гистероскопию out in a liquid medium, гистерографию with водорастворимыми contrast substances and ultrasound examination of uterus and ovaries. Ultra sound ovaries reveals an increase of one, which should be seen as a sign of gormonalno-aguna tumors.
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diagnosis is difficult
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