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 differential diagnosis

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PostSubject: differential diagnosis   differential diagnosis Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:49 am

The thickness of endometrium increased macroskopiceski sometimes it is folded or polipovidnyi, but proliferation anal glands were not forthcoming. Prolonged bleeding to difficulty exclusion endometrium, slowing sh processes therein, as well as the vitality Oxytocics under the influence of higher concentrations of progesterone in the blood. Characteristic delay menstruation for 4-6 weeks, followed by moderate krovanistami droppings. In bimanualnom study identifies several razmagchennaya womb (impact progesterone), and one slight increase in cancer. When ultrasound study, it found persistirutee yellow body, sometimes kistosno-izmenennoe. The final diagnosis can be established only after the histology study scraping mucous membrane uterus (as opposed to changes in the endometrium anovulatornah MQM typical changes in the persistence of the yellow body are expressed secretorne changes glands and deciduhalnaya reaction stroma endometrium), and that such causes vaginal bleeding, as progressive or went to a Tube abortion ectopic pregnancy, went matocnaya pregnancy, as well as the delay of amniocentesis eggs in the cavity of the uterus, placental polyp, and podslizistaya intra mioma cervix, endometrium polyps, the internal endometriosis, endometrium cancer, policistosnye ovaries, endometrium damage vnutrimatocnam contratsepteve. To differential diagnosis are ultrasound examination of uterus and ovaries, gisteroskopiu, gisterografiu. Treatment is separate vskablivanii mucous membrane channel neck and the body of the uterus to hemostasis. The vulva has regulated the ovaries estrogen-gestagennam drugs like birth control pills (non-ovlon, ovidon, bisekurin etc.). They appoint one tablet with the 5th day after curettage for 25 days, followed by the 5th-25th day menstrual cycle within 3-4 months. Forecast favourable relapses, as opposed to anovulatornah MQM are rare.
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differential diagnosis
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