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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 because it is extremely difficult

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because it is extremely difficult Empty
PostSubject: because it is extremely difficult   because it is extremely difficult Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:44 pm

On proper nonsense to be distinguished bredopodobne fantasy to be associated with dramatic, defiant nature (for example, in a hysterical Psychopathy). Patients with imaginations are perfectly aware that the set of facts did not exist in reality, but may not recognize their fabrication, feeling that produce vivid impression on the interviewer. Unlike nonsense fantasy nestoiki very content. Patients in trying to attract attention vdumarve all new facts have forgotten that gave last time. There is no need to give special treatment to bredopodobnykh invention not. Ridiculous, it is difficult to corrigiruemye ideas may arise in patients with delayed intellect. In such a case usually is not the crazy, but a primitive ideas. Views hear from the public, thought, vchitanne in newspapers and books, apply without regard to the situation; Under complex terms naukoobraznami is complete misunderstanding of their meaning. Crude for different stereotypes. The specific forms of address and induzirovanny reziduhalny crazy. Induzirovanny crazy (MDF a deux) - delusion arising as a result of social rights with a close relative suffering from mental illness (inducer). Distorted ideas inherent inductoru (usually quite plausible, horror), 3:1993 taken at face value without any processing critical as a result of high profile and active inducer, the situation isolation defines close contact inducer and inducyruemogo, congenital anomalies mental inducyruemogo (debility, infantilnosti, vnouchaemosti, hysterical character traits, etc.). Such nonsense always stable, quickly taking with the evolution of the situation (for example, after hospitalization inducer). Induzirovanny crazy to be distinguished from konformnogo nonsense where the two relatives are mental illness, the fabula coincides nonsense because people constantly communicate with each other. About reziduhalnom brede said after extended acute psychosis (often with aberration consciousness) in humans remains unwavering confidence that all proceedings with him in pain, it was a reality, although at the time of inspection, no unusual events, is not watching. Produces such symptoms to the abundance of vivid hallucinations true in the structure suffered psychosis. The reziduhalnogo nonsense have vivid memories of patients after ketaminovogo narcosis. Sverhcenne ideas Sverhcenne ideas, as opposed nonsense initially not ridiculous, wrong. Mental health is that the thought is in the psyche of the patient is not in conformity with their real value dominated. Thus, the natural for anyone caring for preserving family, the joy of the successful solutions to a technical problem, a disgruntled employee negligence become remarkably strong and persistent feelings (jealousy, anger, suspicion). All subsequent conduct under this basic sense. Patients, despite the boundless energy are unproductive. They have not been able to devote sufficient attention to anything except zabotashchego them in the first place. Sverhcenne ideas scarcely correction because it is extremely difficult to challenge the original right of the patient (wife should be faithful to each other "," Health is easier to keep than recover, and the naive faith is a lot of fools "). As a matter sverhzennah ideas will be open to the idea of passion, creativity, persecution, fanatical political and religious convictions, the commitment to the special health measures (brook diet, a special way of training and conditioning).
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because it is extremely difficult
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