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 chronic illness

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PostSubject: chronic illness   chronic illness Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 9:32 pm

Treatment pathogenesis of the disease, patients JCR has integrated patogenetical therapy, with the tasks of : 1) the suppression of immune and inflammation immunocomplexna pathology (uncontrolled immune response); 2) preventing complications immunosupressivna therapy; 3) the management of complications arising from the immunosupressivna therapy; 4) impact on the separate, highly pronounced syndromes; 5) removal from the body of circulating immune complexes and antibodies. To suppress immune inflammation and immunocomplexna pathology in the treatment of hard core immunosupressora : corticosteroids, cytotoxic drugs, aminohinolinove derivatives. Duration of treatment, value, the choice of products, as well as supporting the dose : 1) the extent of disease activity; 2) the nature of the current (acute); 3) wealth involvement in the process of experiencing internal organs, 4), G or corticosteroid drugs and the availability (or lack thereof) of complications immunosupressivna therapy; 5) the contraindications. In the early stages of illness, which shows signs of the activity and the prevalence and clinical picture defeat joints steroidal protivovospalitiona e drugs (DMARDs) is not appointed, corticosteroids, even with the activity pathological process is a means of choice. Patients should be managed on an outpatient basis, so that at the first signs of the deterioration of the doctor in time to appoint korticosteroidnuu therapy. In chronic illness within favouring defeat skin can be used 0.25 g / day hingamina (delagila, rezohina, chloroquine), or gidroksihlorohina (plakwenila) for many months. When signs of generality process (involving pathological process of internal organs), as well as signs of activity should immediately switch to a more effective therapy immunosupressivnuu korticosteroidami. It followed that the main method of treatment facilities is korticosteroidnaya therapy. The korticosteroidna therapy should adhere to the following principles : 1. start treatment korticosteroidami only with a good diagnosis facilities (for the suspicion SCR appoint corticosteroids should not); 2. Corticosteroids dose should be sufficient to suppress the activity of the pathological process; 3. treatment "overwhelming" dose should be held before the terms of clinical effect (improvement of the overall condition, the normalization of body temperature, the improvement of the laboratory, we discovered organnah changes), usually it requires approximately 2 months;
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chronic illness
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