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 characteristic of the illness in old age

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PostSubject: characteristic of the illness in old age   characteristic of the illness in old age Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:43 pm

About a coherent system evidenced by the many interrelated evidence produced by the patients to confirm their thoughts. He accurately points out who does what, when, by what means and for what purpose the prosecution, as well as to respond to any question about his painful ideas. For a complex, detailed system requires quite a lot of time, so systematic that crazy for a long, long period of psychosis. There emerged crazy not always coherent system, but that the patient nesistematizirovanno th nonsense is not only in acute psihozah : with progressive disease leading to the ill-change card (schizophrenia, organic psychosis), with the passage of time, the patient may lose interest in the first of up to a delirious idea, and the previously composed imperialist system could disintegrate. Such patients, in the case of a fantastic developments is not confirmed his thoughts. For diagnosis of acute and chronic illness crazy crucial division nonsense on emotions and interpretativei. Patients with interpretative illusion (crazy interpretation) is a clear understanding of the events connected with delirious. They are generally not available disorder perceptions (hallucinations), and their customs belief is not the product of imagination and predchuvction but from biased, paralogicna interpretation of the facts. Random events their thinking together are interpreted special way, and then there are logical as, in their view, the evidence of their concept. Thus, interpretativei crazy always a crazy systematic and serves as a sign of chronic illness. In cuvstvennom (imagination) brede no clear understanding of events. The misconceptions are sick vivid emotional feelings (anxiety, confusion, disbelief, joy), and violations of perception (delusions, hallucinations, derealization and depersonalization). Patients have delusions ideas in the form of a question or suggestion : "What's going on? ... Is the war began? .. " "Doctor, you are sure is not sentenced to a firing squad? .. " "I am not under the cap? ... Who are these people dressing ?..". The lack of a coherent system delirious then sometimes gives the readers a false impression of a lack of brute psihoticescoy symptoms. In fact, the crazy emotions are a sign of the most acute illness with the rapid changes and high probability of socially dangerous acts. In a distressed patients often away from home, cowpuncher from a moving train, attacking random people. By magnitude are talking small scale (crazy domestic relations), characteristic of the illness in old age. On the other hand, frequent megalomaniceski crazy (crazy immense), as evidenced fantasticnami speech. Delirium greatness is that the patient insists on the uniqueness of their abilities, that is "gipnotizerom greatest in the world", "inventor of science in the universe", "God, the creator of the universe." Delirium is the prosecution in this case, in the certainty that the patients watch the whole city, "all of the world." Suffering from the illusion of self convinced that the perpetrators of the world catastrophe. Ipohondriceski megalomaniceski crazy is a sense that "all nerves bloated, decayed inside", "I died, there was only a shell, the entire world has become a gnitee meat (nihilistic nonsense). Megalomaniceski crazy greatness characterized parafrennogo syndrome megalomaniceski ipohondriceski crazy with a syndrome Kotara.
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characteristic of the illness in old age
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