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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 phases of the disease

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PostSubject: phases of the disease   phases of the disease Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:22 pm

Affects mostly II fingers wrists and feet least distale other parts of the body (nose, ears, chin, etc.). Losses light can be attributed to the illness and secondary infection. Inflammatory process in the lungs (пневмонит) has been either badly or dragged on for months, with symptoms similar to pneumonia syndrome signs inflammatory infiltration of lung tissue (it should be noted feature of the process in the form of малопродуктивного cough with shortness of breath). Another option defeat light - chronic interstiziale changes (inflammation perivasculiarna, peribronhialna mejdolkova and connective tissue), manifested slowly progressive shortness of breath and changes in the light ray study; Fisikale changes are virtually non-existent. The defeat digestive tract is mostly subjective traits identified in the initial phase. In fisichalnom study can be found sometimes vague pain in epigastria and in the projection pancreas, as well as signs of stomatitis. In some cases, developing hepatitis : survey with the increased liver, the pain. Most in the convertible suffered kidney (volchanochny glomerulonefrit, lupus-nefrit), the evolution of which the fate of the patient. Kidney damage in hard currency can take place in the form of various options, and the data direct patient surveys can be widely varied. In isolated pathology urine sediment do not show any change in the fisichalnogo study; In glomerulonefrite, with the ongoing nefroticski syndrome, the massive swelling, often arterial hypertension (AG). In the case of chronic nephritis with constant AG detected in the left chamber, the focus II tone in the second mejreberie right of the sternum. Autoimmune thrombocytopenia (Verlgofa syndrome) is typical vsapaniami of haemorrhagic spots of varying amounts on the skin inside of the limbs, skin chest and abdomen, the doors yourself. There was also bleeding after minor trauma, such as after tooth extraction, facial bleeding, which occasionally profuzny and causing anemization. Skin is bleeding over time different colour (sine-zelenovatuyu, rot, yellow). SCR can be extended only syndrome Verlgofa without other typical of hard clinical symptoms. The defeat of disorder was, in varying degrees, many patients in all phases of the disease. Initially identified astenovegetativei syndrome. With the direct patient survey showed signs polineurita violation sensitivity boleznennostew nerve trunks, declining sukhojilnykh reflexes, paresthesiami. The defeat retikuloendotelialn th system through poliadenopatia (increase of all groups of lymph nodes, is not reaching significant degrees), an simptome generalization process, as well as to increase the spleen and liver (usually mild). The defeat of the body is in the form of dry keratokongunguita because of the pathological changes sleznah glands and the violation of the functions. Brown eye is associated with conjunctivitis, corneal erozi keratita or visually impaired. Thus, after fisichalnogo study shows poliorgannosti destruction, the destruction of the very different : from barely clinically significant (even subklinicakih) until expressed significantly prevailing over the rest, which creates preconditions for diagnostic error interpret these changes as a separate diseases (such as glomerulonephritis, myocarditis, arthritis).
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phases of the disease
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