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 bringing history disease

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PostSubject: bringing history disease   bringing history disease Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:24 pm

The availability of complications : surrender; Neoslojnennaya. Complications ulcers were bleeding and penetration, perforation, malignizaciei, stenosis privratnika and bulbs, perivistseritami. Clinical presentation of Clinical ulcers are diverse, depending on the phase of the current (or increased dose), kliniko-morfologica s option (AB stomach or duodenal ulcer), and the complications. In acute ulcers regardless of the clinical terms of the following symptoms : 1) pain (has certain patterns depending on the localization ulcer); 2) dispepsii stomach; 3) dispepsii intestinal; 4) astenovegetativei; 5) local changes; 6) complications. Ulcers disease stomach Ulcers stomach illness occurs, it is likely that they mature people, most of the men. Defect localized predominantly stomach track small curvature or antralnom department, but can be detected in cardialnom and piloricescom divisions. People make complaints about manifestation of the ulcers, with the complications involved in the process other digestive system. In acute stomach AB is the leading complaint of pain in the upper half epigastralna area. While containment pain is not the absolute value, it is felt that ulcers cardialna parts and ulcers on the back wall of the stomach pain localized to the sternum can irradiarovti in the left shoulder (like pain in the pain). For ulcers small curvature of the stomach has a clear rhythm pain : a through 15-60 minutes after eating, especially when errors diet. Immediately after meals pain occur if anthrax is in cardialna part or on the back wall of the stomach. About Anthrax antralnogo the stomach show "hungry" night, late (every 2-3 hours after eating) pain, like the pain in the ulcers duodenal ulcer. When ulcers piloricescoy of intense pain is not related to the reception food. Accession neuralgia pain or irradiation them in the back of intensity are in the later stages diagnostic study results pancreas (pancreatitis jet, penetration in the pancreas). Syndrome stomach dispepsii expressed to a lesser extent, is otrajka air, food sragivaniem; Nausea and vomiting often occurs with ulcers privratnika channel. Vomiting - neredkaya complaint with ulcers, vomited material composed predominantly of impurities food. Frequent vomiting, increasing by the evening with long sjedennouu food, combined with a sense of overflow stomach, weight, forcing suspected stenoses output of the stomach. Intestinal and astenovegetativei syndromes smaller with AB stomach than AB duodenal ulcer. Some patients complain of constipation, combined with the pain in the course of colon cancer and vzdutiem abdomen. Grue to have bleeding ulcers for антрального stomach of the young; Bleeding in older patients caution against neoplastic (development azwa-raka stomach). Bringing history disease, assess the effectiveness held earlier treatment ascertain relapse rate, which specify the nature of the current process, good or progressive. In fisichalnom study reveal : a) symptoms local changes; B) complications; C) integration in other parts of the digestive system. Fisikale signs AB in neoslojnennom within few. Typically, moderate local muscle protection epigastrii and surgical pain in the various divisions of the field. In cardialnah ulcers surgical pain under mecevidnam offshoot; With ulcers piloricescoy part in piloroduodenalna zone. Spilled pain in epigastria while a local pain is a signal of the deterioration of chronic gastritis (accompanied AB), or perigastrita (complication AB). In fisichalnom study can be obtained data on the development of other complications.
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bringing history disease
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