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 combination of patient complaints

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combination of patient complaints Empty
PostSubject: combination of patient complaints   combination of patient complaints Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:52 pm

Thus, a noise pleska after 5-6 h after administration of the liquid evidence of the development of stenosis privratnika. Paleness and humidity skin, subfebrilnaya temperature of the body, tachycardia, a decline AD disappearance of the pain in the area epigastralna with abdominal palpation are signs of bleeding lesions. The instrumentation, and laboratory research to : 1) to determine the nature of stomach secretions; 2) clarify the nature and location of lesions destruction; 3) identify or clarify the complications. Study stomach secretions identify violations in the downward or moderate, or characteristic of the secreta ulcers stomach does not exist. Income stomach study reveals the main sign ulcers-niche in about 75% of patients. Surface ulcer is not associated with inflammatory response to environmental mucous membranes rentgenologicaki could not identify. In the absence of direct X trait, "niche" take into account the indirect signs : "palzewoye" umbilicus, barium delay in the stomach more than six hours after the reception, a local pain with palpation in the study. When Ray study can be identified umbilicus narrowing privratnika, stomach cancer (polyps, cancer, etc.). The most valuable information on the "niche", its localization depth, the nature of (the kallezna ulcer), and to clarify complications (malignization, penetration bleeding, etc.) are producing results gastroduodenofibrosk opia. PEG combined with targeted MMF makes it easier to identify neoplastic ulcer. If anaemia, and the positive response Weber in the study of drugs, we can certainly talk about recidivating artistic methods. Ulcers disease duodenal ulcer. Ulcers disease duodenal ulcer occurs predominantly in young men; For women, there has been an increase in incidence during menopause. In the vast majority of cases, the defect is localized in the heat duodenal ulcer, most on the back wall; Found the so-called "zelutesa" ulcers afflicting the rear, and the front wall bulbs. Typically, as a combination of patient complaints, it is most likely to be increased ulcers duodenal ulcer. The main symptom, pain arising from 2-3 pm after meals (so-called pain later), often erh (hungry pain) and night (night pain); take after meals and alkalis. Clearly evident seasonality pain (increase in the spring and autumn). The controlling pain can be presented as follows : hunger is pain-food relief---hunger pain, etc. Perfect localization pain no : they can be podlojecna area, the upper right abdomen kwadrante about sperm, etc. Irradiation are also diverse. The changing nature of pain indicates a potential for the development of complications : the penetration in the pancreas have pain in the left upper abdomen kwadrante, irradiiruut in the spine. To penetrate ulcer in the gall bladder is characterized by the dominant pain in the right podreberie irradiaciei with the right Blade, in the back. The second important symptom-vomiting. There is usually at an altitude of pain, especially in complicated forms disease. Vomiting tends to be easier (reduces pain).
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combination of patient complaints
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