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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 combination of solubles

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PostSubject: combination of solubles   combination of solubles Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:51 pm

The generation of these drugs by blocking N2-retseptora located in obkladochnykh stomach cells, the basal down and stimulirovannuyu gistaminom pentagastrinom and secretion of hydrochloric acid. These products to a lesser extent the address of gastroduodenal emotional and have a positive influence on reparativee processes in the membrane lining of stomach and duodenal ulcers. Currently, the strongest of the products oppressive jeludocnuu secretion are inhibitors "proton pump" obkladochnykh cells. They block the H +, K + -аденозинтрифосфатазу affecting the hydrochloric acid through секреторную loaded these cells. The drug is omeprazol (omeprol, omez) applied twice a day to 20 mg. M-holinolitiki, N2-retseptorov blockers and inhibitors "proton pump" obkladochnykh cells used in ulcers duodenal ulcers and ulcers Nausea of stomach place with hyper. The ulcers of the stomach is not normally used. When treating антисекреторными drugs (омепразолом, блокаторами Н2-рецепторов and to a lesser extent гастроцепином) in the membrane lining the stomach has гиперплазия гастрин- and гистаминобразующих cells. Therefore, a gradual phasing out of these products after rubtsevania ulcer and compulsory combination reception with antatidami. Reduce active kislotno-pepticski factor is achieved by neutralize hydrochloric acid leaching (antatsidnye preparations and adsorbents). During the first 2-3 weeks worsening apply a combination of soluble (magnesium oxide pills "Vikalin, Vikair) and insoluble (almagel, fosfalugel, gelucil) antatsidov. Admission soluble antatsidov priurocerve at the time of pain for cupping her more in 30-40 minutes after eating (4-6 times a day). Undissolvable антациды take only межпищеварительный period (through 1l/2-2 hours after eating and night) before the onset of total remission. To restore motorno-evaquatorna of stomach and duodenal ulcers and ulcers duodenal ulcer usually sufficient supplies m-holinolitikov and blocking N2-retseptorov. When ulcers stomach appoint metoclopramide (zeroukal, reglan) to 10 mg three times a day or sulpirid (eglonil, dogmatil), the central and holinolitik neiroleptik -- 50 mg three times a day;
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combination of solubles
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