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 patient remains incomplete feeling his discharge

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patient remains incomplete feeling his discharge Empty
PostSubject: patient remains incomplete feeling his discharge   patient remains incomplete feeling his discharge Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 3:09 pm

Stoel liquid with some mucus. In more severe cases, watery stools, a large number of mucus, sometimes blood; Frequency chair up to 15-20 times a day; May become mandatory craving for hair, a painful tenezma. Increasing body temperature (up to 38 C and above). In the most severe cases have expressed symptoms of intoxication tongue dry, обложенный grey or грязно-серым bloom; Stomach some swelling, and if very ponose trapped. In palpation the pain in the course of colon cancer, in its various divisions - move. In rectoromanoskopia by hyperemia and edema membrane distal large bowel, on the walls of the bowel can be seen a large number of mucus, and in more severe cases, cancer; Can be erosion, and izgyazwlenia bleeding. Blood analysis reveals moderate leucocytosis with palochkoyaderian development, the Serum. In light of cases, the patient is improving rapidly; In the most severe cases, the disease has become chronic. Complications : liver abscesses, pielit, peritonitis, sepsis. Chronic colitis is one of the most frequent diseases of the digestive system. Often combined with the defeat inflammatory small bowel (ac) and the stomach. Colita origin infection can be caused by infection of intestinal infections, primarily Shigella and salmonella, causing other infectious diseases (tuberculosis micobacterium etc.), and pathogenic saprofitna bowel flora Rights (the hair). Protosanae kolita caused by pathogens amebiaza, balantidiaza, lamblioza etc. Gelminta can support inflammatory process in the gut due to another cause. In therapeutic practice most prevalent are kolita neinfectingo origin. Related колиты accompanying ахилические гастриты, панкреатиты with внешнесекреторной insufficient pancreas or chronic энтериты develop as a result of systematic irritation of mucous membrane large bowel products is not enough to digestion of food, as well as enzymes. Toxic kolita resulting from the long-term exogenous compounds eliminating mercury, lead, phosphorus, arsenic and other drugs kolita linked to the long uncontrolled use of laxatives (drugs rhubarb, krushin, joster fruit, leaf plums, etc.), antibiotics and other drugs. Toxic kolita endogenous origin resulting from the stimulation of the bowel wall withdrawing its products, resulting in the body (with uremia, gout). Colita allergic nature observed in the food allergies, intolerances to certain drugs and chemicals, increased sensitivity of the individual organism to certain bacterial flora in the bowel and products of microorganisms. Колиты resulting from the prolonged mechanical irritation wall of the large bowel with a chronic копростазе, abuse слабительными came ректальными and candles. Often chronic kolita have several causal factors that synergistic effect. Symptoms, over. More often occurs total defeat of the large bowel (pankolit). The main symptoms are the chair (chronic diarrhea or constipation), the pain in various sections of the abdomen, sometimes painful tenezma, flatulence, despepsiceskie disorder. In most cases, particularly where pravostoronnem kolite dominated diarrhea-shorts to a 15 or more times a day, often alternating diarrhoea and constipation. Characteristic symptom of the lack of bowel emptying : after urinating from the patient remains incomplete feeling his discharge. In the process of growing new false craving for hair accompanied by abandoning gas and the comochkov faecal masses covered tajami box or mucus, or mucus in the blood veins, or periodic departed mucus in the form of films (psevdomembranosny Colitis). In spasticescom kolite, especially involvement in the distal large bowel, faecal masses are fragmented form ( "pecorino cal). The pain in колите usually Guns, ноющая, lies mostly in the side and lower abdomen divisions rise after meals and before дефекацией. Sometimes, the pain is spasticeski nature (in spasticescom kolite), spread by the application of heat (bottle, pack), the reception and holino- spazmolitikov; Severe pain can be accompanied by abandoning gas or any impulse to urinating.
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patient remains incomplete feeling his discharge
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