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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect

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PostSubject: anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect   anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:15 pm

After a while elements disappear, and then comes back. A relapse can be triggered by a motor regime diet etc. * kneecap form : in the pathological process often involving large joints. At the heart of the joint syndrome is propotevanie serosno-gemorragica th fluid in the cavity and virus envelope periartikuliarnae tissue. Clinic of joint syndrome : most threatened large joints, joints seemingly increased pain syndrome and all of this takes place without any consequences. At the height of the very concern pain, the patient is forced situation. Joints otecna with palpation painful. * abdominalnaya form : it is based on a propotevanie serosno-gemorragica th liquid membranes digestive tract. Clinic : pain in the abdomen, development of protective voltage front abdominal wall. Despepsiceskie phenomenon : vomiting, sometimes with blood, liquid chair with blood. Such children often come to doctors or hospital infection clinic with a gastroenteritis. If a child falls into operation room, the diagnosis is in the Chapter. * unfortunately, and there neurogenic symptoms in the disease when there is a bleeding in the brain or spinal. In this case, there may be peripheral spastic, afazii, epileptiformnah convulsing. * describe the cardialnuu form when there are changes characteristic casings heart. At the same time, there has been a growth in all the borders of the heart, lowering AD. Clinical blood : Reduce cells, hemoglobin, a color indicator anizotsitoz, peukilozitoz, leucocytosis, neitrofilez shift from the left, accelerated Monday. Protein factions : lower alfa-globulinov, some of the factions gamma-globulinov. Study time blood clotting - is reduced. In all cases, regardless of the severity of a disease in the heparin dose 150-500 U / kg / day for four introduction. Heparin impose subcutaneously in the abdomen. In mild heparin give a 10 to 14 days. In moderate and severe heparin injected during the first two to three days and then subcutaneously for 1-1.5 months. Dose selected individually test of the time is out, which should decrease. In moderate and severe forms also apply to prednisolone 0.5-0.7 mg / kg / day for 5 days, then jumped 5-tidnevny break, then another course five days, and so on until the effect. In some cases, particularly for chronic recidivating forms can be used drugs aminohinolinovogo stimulants : rezohin, plakvinil etc. they have immunnosupressive, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Also, with moderate to severe forms can be connected antiagreganta (trental). You can also use plazmaferez, gemosorbqiyu, enterosorbqiyu. Randu-osler disease. Is Pathological vascular wall, leaving gemangioma. The defect on the walls, changing its subendotelialland layer. Wall is not only not involved in gemostaze but easily trauma. Typically, the disease is hereditary. Recessively inherited. Most often seen in the nasal cavity, stomach, skin person anymore. Passes three stages in its development-stage piatnyshka, asterisks and gemangioma. Diagnostic feature, in these nadavlivanii education pale. Clinical presentation is angiomatoznam type of bleeding. The trombozitarnogo normal level, plasma factors in the rule. Symptomatic therapy, in some cases, these entities may issekatsa.
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anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
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