Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 developed the metabolic effect

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developed the metabolic effect Empty
PostSubject: developed the metabolic effect   developed the metabolic effect Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:17 pm

Already in this period is to decrease the amount of circulating blood (BCC) mainly by plasma in the intermediate pulmonary tissue of peritonitis, dynamic intestinal obstruction, exudation in zabruchinnuu fat and plevralnuu cavity. In gemorragicescom pankreonekrose reduced and the amount of circulating cells (OTE). Violation of hemodynamics, as a rule, combined with sore syndrome. The pain occurs when oteke and pererastagenia capsules pancreas, irritation nervno-retseptornah tips while increasing the pressure in its main protoke. Sore syndrome accompanied by the involvement of the brajaki obodocna transverse colon and the shift in the small fatty. Pain provokes release of catecholamines, which are also of the circulation disorders and contribute to the circulatory centralization. In gemorragicescom pankreonekrose reinforced carbon norarenalina with blubber-miss. In gipovolemii reduced BCC 30-50% develops hypovolaemic shock with the fall of ISO and DVD, with the continued increase in peripheral vascular resistance. Reducing AD may lead to the development of coronary insufficiency with a characteristic changes on the EKG : lower S-T interval, the appearance of negative or dwufaznogo zubza T. In nekroticescom defeat cardiac muscles can be persistent violations of heart rhythm. Moreover, the Ischemia and lowering blood pancreases producyruet cardiodepressivny factor OVD Oxytocics the attack. Violation hemodynamics closely linked to the disorder water exchange. In acute pankreatite was aggravated by peritonitis, intestinal infection, plevritom, develops general, and especially extracellular dehydration by losses in the so-called third space. The vodno-elektrolitnykh violations can be Proteolysis, vomiting, disruption of the kidney. Proteolysis leads to a short-term giperkaliemii resulting from potassium from the cells along with the loss of metabolic nitrogen and cell mass. Following is giperkaliyurii plasma and cell gipokaliemia, which clinically manifested decline contractile ability to attack, smooth muscles intestines and bronchi. Giponatriemia gipohloremia and is the consequence of vomiting, which often starts disease. The sodium excretion was reduced by 3-4 times. Gipohloremicakia developed and the metabolic gipokaliemicski alkaloz. However, in acute pankreatite observable metabolic acidosis, in the wake of woven blood and the accumulation of excess lactate. Gipocalziemia more expressed in the tuber blubber cancer and is linked to the reaction of calcium ions from fatty acids. Gipocalziemia a predictor sign. Lack of calcium can cause muscle spasm and tetaniu. Typically, oliguria accompanied defeat pancreas. Initially, it was prerenalny and is a response to gipovolemia and tissues, which have resulted in the inclusion of the action antidiuretic hormone, aldosterone, renin-angiotenzina. In pankreonekrose being toxic malnutrition parenchymatous organs with a rude structural changes in the kidneys of nefrosonefrita and necrosis Channel renalnaya developed oliguria. Acute kidney failure is often coupled with the liver, increasing peritonitis and paralysis intestinal infection. Violations of hydrocarbons most commonly manifested as giperglikemia.
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developed the metabolic effect
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