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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 shortage of protein

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PostSubject: shortage of protein   shortage of protein Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:58 pm

The virus can change the structure of antigennouu platelets, as a result of interaction with membrannami squirrels, and as a consequence of non-fixation on the surface of platelets. As a result can happen out antibodies against the modified тромбоцитарных antigens and cross-reference the actual antiviral antibodies to тромбоцитами. Trombozitopatia : Trombozitopatia-a large group of diseases characterized by high blood violation records (nine). In trombozitopatiah of platelets aggregation functions and adhesion reduced or non-existent, so the sign trombozitopati it increased bleeding. Trombozitopatia meet with the same frequency for both men and women, but signs of increased bleeding, women have expressed. Trombozitopatia are divided into two groups : congenital and acquired in the course of their lives. Congenital human platelets are hereditary deficiency of special proteins on the surface of platelets and protein granules in the cavity plates, as well as a violation of the form and size of platelets. The congenital trombozitopatiam include : trombozitopatia Glantzman, Bernara-sulie syndrome, Mea-hegglina anomaly, as well as extremely rare mitochondrial defects such as anomaly Pearson-stoba, essencialnaya atrombia, etc. The most dangerous manifestations of the disease are bleeding of the retina eyes, the brain and its casing. In trombozitopatiah acquired in the same way as birth, there is a shortage of protein, as on the surface of platelets, and in the format, but reason is the impact from the outside. Clinical manifestations of the same as the birth trombozitopati. Causes acquired trombozitopati : * diseases of the blood (acute leukaemia, chronic leukaemia, anaemia V12-defitsitnaya, various forms deficits of blood clotting); * Liver disease, most commonly cirrhosis; * Kidney disease with a violation of their responsibilities in the last stages (severe glomerulonefritov, polycystosis, etc.); * massive blood transfusion and plasma (in this situation changes in the platelets removed, as a rule, to within 2-3 days); * diseases of the thyroid gland, such as hypothyroidism, the treatment has been fully restored as platelets; * the use of multiple drugs : aspirin derivative about steroid tivovospalitiona with horses, such as indometacin, ortofen; and trental, kurantil, eufillin, some psychotropic substances-aminazin, disorders, etc.
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shortage of protein
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