Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 consuming protein products

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PostSubject: consuming protein products   consuming protein products Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 3:13 pm

Similar feelings swollen abdomen, and urcania transfusion in the gut, providing abundant gases occur with gnilostnam or acid smell faecal masses (rarely lock). For koprologicski study are : steatorea, amilorea, kreatorea, kitarinorea. When Ray study notes accelerated passage barieva mist on thin intestine. Research vneshnesecretorna the pancreas, aspirate enterobiopcia definition enterokinaza and alkaline phosphatase in kishechnom juice to clarify the cause of intestinal dispepsia. Study glikemicescoy curve with oral load krahmalom and radioizotopnoe study trioleatglitzerinom, eaten or olive oil to the degree of digestive cavity. It is important to the bowel microflora. Syndrome bowel irritation (RCC), a set of functional disorders distal bowel of more than three months, the main symptoms are pain in the abdomen, after passing urinating accompanied by flatulence, a sense of incomplete emptying bowel changing frequency and stool consistency : zaporami, diareami or sequence. Most researchers consider doing as psihosomaticescoe disease. Only 16% of patients reported an type of response to the disease for the rest of showing pathological types : ipohondriceski, trevojno-ipohondriceski, depressivno-ipohondriceski, trevojno-depressivny, depression, isteroidnyi. In accordance with the Rome criteria provided three options RCC depending on the predominant symptom of the disease. The first is characterized by pain in the abdomen and flatulence; Second diarrhoea; Third-lock. Abdominalnaya pain is the leading symptom RCC one option. Your pain is very diverse, "won the abdomen, but more often in the left iliac area at the bottom of the abdomen, the irradiation in the back krestec, rectum, thorax. The pain is constantly recurrent nature, times of increasingly linked to the violation of diet, stress factors, fatigue. Pain accompanied by flatulence, increased peristalsis of the bowel, or diarrhea urejeniem chair. Along with the changes in the frequency of stool specimens from patients with RCC is a change in shape and texture drugs. Pain fade after urinating and othozdenia gases, and not worry at night. For RCC two options characterized by the presence of diarrhoea in the morning and her absence at night. Stoel liquid 2-4 times a day, sometimes with some mucus and balances indriyas food. Mandatory craving for hair are infrequent. For RCC-dominated hardware lacked urinating for three days or more. Faecal masses with constipation contain large amounts of mucus, and with the express спазме colon cancer nearly dry (pecorino), but with a large number of mucus. The 85-90% of patients with RCC have symptoms of TB disease syndrome : a feeling of gravity in epigastria, nausea, vomiting, slavery, heartburn, the severity and pain in the right podreberie, bitterness mouth as a result of TB patients - biliarna dispepsiei, diskineziei oesophagus. Neuralgia malnutrition is the result of long-term poor nutrition. There бродильную, гнилостную and жировую диспепсию. Brodilnaya neuralgia related to the excessive consumption of carbohydrates (sugar, honey, fresh produce, fruits, grapes, peas, beans, cabbage, etc.), as well as brodilnykh beverages (ie), which in the gut created conditions for the development of brodilna flora. Gnilostnaya neuralgia occurs when giving consuming protein products, especially baranyego, pig meat, which perevarivetsa slowly in the gut. Sometimes gnilostnaya neuralgia occurs as a result of consumption of meat asthma products. The fatty neuralgia is the excessive use of slow perevarivaemah, especially refractory, fat (swine, sheep). Symptoms, over. Neuralgia brodilnaya is flatulence, urcaniem in the gut, the allocation of large quantities of gases, often with little white liquid penistam chair with acid smell. In koprologicescom study is a large number of sugars grains, crystals of organic acids, fibre, yodofilnykh microorganisms. The drugs sharply acidic. Gnilostnaya neuralgia is also occur, but the color of excrement rich dark smell-fever.
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consuming protein products
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