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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 selective breeding

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PostSubject: selective breeding   selective breeding Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:07 pm

Through flebotonometra Waldman measured pressure, it is between 350 and 500 mm vod.st. (norm-80-120mm vod.st) and connected to the intravenous infusions. To check the correctness of the catheter can be 3-5 ml of water-soluble contrast and make -snimok R. Through pupocnuu suicide 400-800,0 put 5% or 10% solution of glucose with insulin (at the rate of 1 U 4 g glucose), kocarboksilaza (100-300 mg), vitamin B, ascorbic acid (500-1000), glutaminova acid (4-6 g), hormones, APF. According to apply reopoligliukin, gemodes. zitohrom C, sodium hydrogen, electrolyte solutions, antibiotics, svejestabilizirovanu y and svejezagotovlennouu blood. Can Apply direct blood transfusion (200-300 ml) of relatives. When tissue hypoxia spilled oksigenizirovanne solutions blood. Transumbilicalnaya infuznonnaya therapy contribute to the normalization pechenerngo circulatory eliminates zirkulatornuu hypoxia and stimulates oxidation processes in the cells of the liver. Complications. The early complications of the setbacks due to the technical errors in the allocation, and bujirovanii handling newborn blood. The audit predbruchinna fibre and a V. umbilicalis, especially in the opening seconds, and it pareze bowel may be damaged parietalna edge with eventraciei bowel salnika that it is necessary to immediately remove, ushiv defect in 75mm. Rapid introduction or infusions of chilled solutions are unpleasant sensations and pain in the right podreberie, sometimes vomiting increases the already hypertension PoA. In such instances, the introduction of hydrogen, heated up to the body of t (37 C), at a speed of 30 City / min, well tolerated and does not cause adverse reactions. Late complications arise in the longer stay in the catheter V. umbilicalis may podtekanye infuzing solution of wounds while relaxing ligatures retention catheter in the vein, with the removal or partial loss of the catheter lies. In such a case, you need to learn catheter and suicide prevention ligirovti ligature, if necessary kateterizirovti again. Perhaps trombirovanie catheter if between infuzyami non-geparinova slot at 1000 U geparina/100 ml 0.9% So1. Nacl. Removing the catheter without ligirovania drugs can cause bruising round bundle because podtekania blood, the spread of the aponeuroz and podkozhno-jirovomu layer, and then festering wounds. The leak aponeuroza might develop postoperative hernia requiring operation. Sorption methods. Sorption methods employed in clinical practice is widespread in a variety of pathological conditions. Gemosorbece (TOS), a method based on the white blood through coal or synthetic sorbents. The payload sorption detoxification blood plasma displays to secondary metabolites and large molecular weight, gibrofobnye, jirorastvorimae and proteinswazanne toxic complexes. The mass of molecules, leading to toxicity payloads ranging from 300 to 5,000. According to the literature, with the payload most pronounced treatment effect to a favorable outcome was in the earlier meeting, and, conversely, in the later stage of the operation, with heavy gepatotserebralna deficiency is only a temporary improvement in the patients, and most of them eventually die. Similar results have been obtained and for the treatment of lightning forms payloads. Forecast also depend on the extent of residual liver (Horak W.). Positive effect to the AG liver coma linked to the considerable waste of the blood of amino acids, phenols and fatty acids; Jelchne sorbiruyutza acid is weak and Bilirubin inferred from the little blood. The selective breeding, it demonstrated the application of ion exchange resins, as well ionoobmennaya resin anionit FNL - adsorbs Bilirubin to 95%. Return only cium or ammonia could not solve the problem of the treatment of payloads, only breeding group of substances with different molecular weight (jelchne acids, phenols, indol, fatty acids, mercury) would ensure a successful outcome of the disease.
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selective breeding
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