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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 dense breeding ground

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PostSubject: dense breeding ground   dense breeding ground Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 4:59 pm

The defeat parenchymatous organs (liver, gall bladder, pancreases, etc.) very often accompanies profound neutropenia (less than 500 Klebsiella mmo3 in blood) and is the terminal stage of AIDS. Death in the taxonomy 4-8 reaches 25-55%. For certain categories of patients (recipients of transplants, patients with acute leukemia) invasive mikozy are the main cause of death. Diagnosis The diagnosis candidiasis bowel and the indication for protivogribkova therapy is extremely important. In recognition candidiasis mucous membranes, a distinction must be made between physiological "kandidonoshitelstvo " and the infectious process caused by the fungus. For diagnostic candidiasis is informative detection Candida in a sterile fluids (fluids, Lavage, peritonealna etc.), or detection of fungi in the body (often found changes in the type of granulem necrosis). To improve cultural sensitivity and morphological diagnostic candidiasis to investigate several bioptatov mucous membranes. Biopsirovannuu tissue collected in two sterile Petri dish or sterile jars with screw-top lids; One sample primed 10% formaldehyde solution and sent to histology studies, the second is used in Mycological Research. Material transported in Microbiology Laboratory defending from direct sunlight. It is essential that the material was taken to mikologicakoe study no later than 1 hour after taking storage in a room temperature, or not more than 15 hours storage at 4 C. Microscopic study should be carried out weeds and painted products. Shik-reakcia (processing Chromic acid) or its modification-colour on the Gridley, it is possible to identify the causative agent in the tissues or mazke by dyeing polisaharidnykh of cell walls; For the suppression of colour surrounding tissue is "controcraska" luminous green, yellow metanilovam, etc. In this case detected only inwazirute cells mushrooms at the same time, it is not possible to judge the response from the surrounding tissue. It is therefore important to assess the preparations, "dokrashenne" gematoksilinom and eosine. Psevdomiceli Candida also can be identified in mazke-otpechatke mucous membrane or mazke-otpechatke floor of the ulcer (colour on Romanovsky-gimze). On the surface of a dense breeding ground in a cup Petri make her papers unique fabric, and then produce rassev loop. The same piece of cloth is placed in 50 ml of liquid growth media (Wednesday Saburo, middle) and inkubiruut at 37 C for 5 days. Widely used techniques for the easy identification of C.albicans. This type of Candida to form rostkove tubes and short axis psevdomicelia for 2-4 hours at 37 C in the blood serum, aicnom protein and other similar environments. For a species C.albicans this phenomenon characterized, in 90% of cases. Effective treatment should be sought to identify the species of fungus Candida and the individual sensitivity to the strain antimikoticski means;
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dense breeding ground
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