Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 linked to the dominant

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linked to the dominant Empty
PostSubject: linked to the dominant   linked to the dominant Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:31 pm

Of particular interest are the fabula nonsense indicating acute rapidly eventually developed nature of the disease. In brede relations (importance) random facts really are perceived as important symbols that carry a message, and of direct relevance to the patient. The smile on the face of an accidental bystander, the barking of the dog, the emergence of new cars in the yard are all convinced a patient to the risk, grudges, sometimes immediate threat to his life. Delirium performances are also accompanied psihozam acute. He expressed confidence that the patient surrounding people try to deceive, playing from the doctors, patients, colleagues, but in fact undercover special employees or relatives, which he has not been seen since. Delirium jealousy too often difficult to identify because it is media hide suspicion, believing that in the eyes of jealousy surrounding ill-feeling. Patients are confident of being unfaithful wife and continuously engaged in the collection of evidence of treason. The facts make people suspicious spots on the bedding and furniture padding, a sense of confusion wife in certain situations, scribbled in notebook record insist on its recognition, offering complete forgiveness. But if worn harassment husband for the sake of the patient recognizes his "guilt", it gives a new episode of anger and could lead to physical attacks. Crazy stress is directly linked to the dominant, patients feeling of sadness and frustration, often is the cause of suicidal behavior. Patients may punish the physical injuries, give up food. Occasionally, there are cases of suicide increased when the patient is killing not only themselves but also their children, elderly parents, "to save them from future suffering." The most frequent option depressive nonsense is self-delusion and unworthiness. Patients allege that they are responsible for the death of parents, a spouse, arrogated to themselves the criminally negligent and unacceptable insults surrounding behaviour. They also describe themselves as minor, indecent deprived of any ability : confident that the family had the misfortune.
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linked to the dominant
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