Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 they are closely linked

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PostSubject: they are closely linked   they are closely linked Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:12 pm

Patients do not care about the opinion of others, they malorazgovorchiv, hide, but the pleasure out thoughts on paper, sometimes ispisawaya thick notebooks. Seeing such patients, whatever their record may be surprised to find that patients who are inactive, said coloured indifferent, in fact covered by the fantasticnami, abstract, philosophical experiences. Symbolic thinking characterized by the fact that patients used for the expression of their thoughts, strange surrounding characters. These may be well-known words, which are used with a different meaning from the meaning of the text incomprehensible. Often patients vdumarve own words (neologisms). Paralogicakoe thinking is that the patients through the complex logical reasoning come to the conclusions that are clearly contrary to the facts. This is possible because no patients at first sight as if a coherent and logical, there are conceptual mutations (slippage), the substitution of direct and portable meaning of the words, a breach of pricinno-sledstvenna relationship. Often paralogicakoe thinking is the basis of delirious. The paralogicakie of how substantiate thoughts patient. Autisticescoe symbolic and paralogicakoe thinking is not a specific manifestation of schizophrenia : It has been found that among the relatives of schizophrenia patients are more likely than the population are people without the mental disorder, but enjoy unusual nature (sometimes approaching the Psychopathy) and the subjective mentality in unexpected logical disposed, propensity for otgorojennosti from the outside world and simwolizmu. Digestive judgement and careful judgment lesions and inferences are breached the thinking. This is either false misconceptions or thought, not bad in themselves, but incumbents in the psyche of the patient so meaningful dominated that this leads to inappropriate behaviour. The disorders of thinking are crazy, sverhcenne ideas intrusiveness, bredopodobne fantasy and primitive ideas for persons with intellectual disabilities. Delirium Bredom called false assertions and inferences as a result of a painful process, learning consciousness, and it can not be understood (correction). From nonsense to be distinguished misconceptions and beliefs healthy people are defending their point of view, does not agree with the opponent. Misconceptions and beliefs is the result of the previous life of the patient, his or her upbringing and experience, they are closely linked to the person of rights. Distorted ideas, in contrast, are the product caused the disease and significantly contrastiruya with previous lives patient no relationship with the same personal characteristics. Patients with delirious absolutely convinced of the justice of his judgments, and this naturally leads to incorrect assessment of the situation, conduct disorders and exclusion. Thus, the talking is a vivid example of productive Psychotic symptoms level, it was a good sign of mental illness. However, crazy is not nozologicaki specific symptom and occurs almost any known illness. For the differential diagnosis is a finer differentiated characteristic nonsense.
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they are closely linked
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