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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 breathing exercises

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PostSubject: breathing exercises   breathing exercises Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:10 pm

There is a need and sufficiently effective dosage walking, swimming, moderate veloergometrica load terrenkur, games, autogenic training. In hypertensive stage III and after PNDS krizov classes are usually in a hospital environment. Care for the patient with hypertension Aib stages. In the hospital the entire process of rehabilitation based on three motor regimes : casualty : a) strong, b) enhanced; Tenth (polupostelny); Free. A rigorous treatment beds LG assessment. During the extended bed rest are the following tasks : improving copies of the patient; Gradual increase in the organism adapt to the physical load; Reducing vascular tone; Up the cardiovascular system by training intra-and ekstrakardialnah circulatory factors. Classes physiotherapy held individually or gang way. Medical education is in the form of medical therapy, sanitary morning exercises, self-study. Occupation physiotherapy is lying on his back with highly Korean izgoloviem and sitting (limited). The exercises for all muscle groups, the pace slow. Is basic gymnastic exercises for the upper and lower limbs without efforts Limited and gradually increasing amplitude movements in the small and medium-sized joints of limbs, alternating with breathing exercises (2:1). Number of repetitions 4-6 times, the duration of classes from 15 to 20 minutes. The classes include exercises for relaxation, the gradual training vestibular apparatus and diafragmalnoe breath. Medical gymnastics combined with massage feet, shin and vorotnikova zone. Phase palatni (polupostelland) are the following : the elimination of mental distress patient; Adapting the circulatory system to the increased loads through strict dosing training; Improve peripheral blood circulation, remove Sluggish; Instruction in the correct breathing and mental exertion. Classes physiotherapy held in the sitting and standing (limited) for all muscle groups, with a muscular effort in the slow and average pace. Hospitalized with basic physical exercise primarily for treatment of upper and lower limbs with a full amplitude, it is recommended that the exercises static and the dynamic nature in combination with breathing (2:1). The total duration to 25 minutes. Exercises are repeated 4-6 times. Appointed vorotnikova massage zone, in which the deep poglajivanie, friction, razminanie trapezoidal muscles. The patient sitting, massage begins with the nails of the head, then massaged rear of the neck and finish at napleciah. The session lasts 10 to 12 minutes. Extensive use exercises to the muscle relaxation. The freer the tasks of the functional condition of the central nervous system and its regulatory mechanisms; Improve vitality, the adaptability cardiovascular and respiratory systems and the whole body to the many physical stresses; The attack; Improving metabolism in the body. This engine treatment in a hospital environment is the most dynamic activities. Patient may freely walk in the office, go to the stairs (in the three floors), with pauses for rest and breathing exercises. Physical forms : LG, UGG, separate classes; LG are sitting and standing with increasing amplitude movements of hands, legs and torso. Includes exercises with objects on coordination, the balance, the muscle relaxation groups. In classes and at the end of the primates autogenna training. The breathing exercises to ommurazvivatm 1:3. The total duration of 20 to 35 minutes. A physiotherapy (hloridno-natrieve, carbonated, sulphide, bromine and radon baths). If the basin is a therapeutic swimming. Classes on bicycle in the introduction to the beginning of a low power (10 W) and low pedalling speed (20 rpm) for 5 min for the gradual vrabatavaemosti organism. Basically, the use of the method of interval training, when intensive pedalirovnie within 5 minutes at a speed of 1940 rpm on a "stand alone" power load alternates with periods 3-minutnami slow pedalling without load at a rate of 20 / min. The periods of intense pedalling mainly the occupation is 4. Pulse at the end of the 5th minute intensive pedalling to be 100 sp / min. The final section of occupations on a bicycle with the power of 15 W, with pedalirovanii 20 rpm for 5 minutes to reduce the size of the body and the restoration of the cardiovascular system to the reference value.
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breathing exercises
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