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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 special exercises

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PostSubject: special exercises   special exercises Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:06 pm

Fresh ulcers in the acute period. * ulcer complicated by bleeding. * Preperforativoe state. * ulcer complicated stenosis under decompensation. * Recent robust paraprocessa with penetration. * Expressed despepsiceskie disorder. * Strong pain. * General contraindications. The individual in the application of clinical education in the disease required. The main objectives of the exercise : * resolution of the legal system and the central nervous system; * Normalization nervno-psihologicak th Coke patient; * improving the breathing, circulatory and digestive system, kislitelno-vosstano Ideology processes; * resist various complications accompanying azvennouu disease (spaechne processes, stoppages, etc.); * normalization muscle strength (as a powerful regulator internal organs), increased muscle strength, proprioceptive sensitivity; * to develop the motor skills and skills (breathing, muscle relaxation, elements autogenna training, the coordination of movements, etc.). Methodology therapy Morning sanitary gymnastics is the goal of common development and health promotion, improved efficiency, and helps hardening contributes to a full transition out of its rut in bodrstvutee. In morning gymnastics hygienic use small (8-10), the number of exercises covering the major muscle groups; Exercise should be simple. Medical gymnastics (LG) is one of the main forms of exercise. The general-exercises have special exercises for the abdominal muscles and press tazovogo floor, breathing exercises (static and dynamic), the exercise of arbitrary relaxation of muscles (exercise for the abdominal muscles in the press podostrom period of excluded). Exercises arbitrarily muscle relaxation reduced vozbuditiona processes in the central nervous system, contribute to the acceleration of the recovery of muscles, lower tone not only muscles involved in the relaxation, but (gift) and the smooth muscles of internal organs, including the stomach and intestines, removing patients intestines, stomach privratnika and other sfinkterov. Therapeutic effect LG will be significantly higher if the special exercise will be carried out by the muscles innervaciu receiving from the same segments of the spinal cord as the drought.
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special exercises
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