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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 systemic sclerodermia

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PostSubject: systemic sclerodermia   systemic sclerodermia Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 9:32 pm

Diseases such as systemic sklerodermia dermatomiozit and have many features in common with SCR; Complexity is compounded by the possibility of the detection of these diseases and ANF Le-kletok (albeit to a lesser epidemiologist). The differentiation is more frequent and more express defeated internal organs (especially the kidneys), with the currency, a different skin with systemic sclerodermia clear миопатический syndrome in Muhin. However, in some cases only a long dynamic monitoring allows patients to the correct diagnosis. Sometimes it takes many months or even years, especially in the course of chronic hard currency with a minimum level of activity. The detailed clinical diagnosis SCR wording of a detailed clinical diagnosis convertible into all the entries contained in the classification of disease; Diagnosis should reflect : 1) the nature of disease (acute, podostroe, chronic). In chronic course (usually mono or oligosindromnoe) should indicate the leading clinical syndrome; 2) active process; 3) kliniko-morfologica s Identify defeat organs and systems with the functional failure (such as lupus-nefrite-stage renal failure in miocardite-the presence or absence of heart failure, and defeat light-the presence or absence of respiratory failure, etc.); 4) An indication of the therapy (eg korticosteroidami); 5) complications therapy (if any).
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systemic sclerodermia
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