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 signs of systemic candidiasis

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PostSubject: signs of systemic candidiasis   signs of systemic candidiasis Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:01 pm

The important pathogenetic significance here is the cavity and pristenerngo digestive system and the penetration of systemic blood microbial components and metabolites, development to a greater or lesser degree, expressed system immunnovospalitelno s reaction. From the above it follows that mucosal candidiasis vnekishecna containment or candidiasis generalizovanny the defeat parenchymatous organs is the manifestation of translocation fungi clearance from the intestines, where the bulk of these saprofitnykh fungi. Tumours vnekishecna localization (for example, oral or genital) is the manifestation of systemic candidiasis, "stemming back from the bowel Classification candidiasis of the digestive system : 1. Orofaringealny candidiasis (heilit, gingivit, zaeda, glossit, stomatitis, pharyngitis). 2. Oesophagus tumours (complications, bleeding, strictora). 3. Stomach tumours : * diffuse (specific erozivno-fibrinosny gastritis); * Fokalny (secondary for stomach ulcers). 4. Bowel tumours : * invasive diffuse; * Fokalny (secondary for ulcer duodenum, and nonspecific yazvennom kolite); * Painful (excessive growth of Candida proswete bowel). 5. Anorektalny candidiasis : * invasive candidiasis rectum * perianalny kandidozny dermatitis. The main manifestations kandidoznogo defeat bowel, which, as mentioned above, is the foundation for the development of systemic manifestations. Clinical presentation candidiasis bowel Course candidiasis bowel not clearly defined, not well known or unknown most of the practitioners. Characteristically, the victims of different reasons, patients who have the autopsy revealed macroscopic changes intestines, the invazivnomu kandidozu in life, as a rule, there is very little symptoms of the digestive tract, and endoskopiceski diagnosis often was mistaken. Often when a single izgyazwleni intestinal wall doctor hampered in their interpretation, and the results of morphological studies, concluding nonspecific inflammatory changes in the provinces began defects, while focused mikologicakoe study has been carried out. Clinical manifestations of candidiasis bowel may vary depending on the level of destruction. In diffuse aids bowel 4-8 with a enterokolita : complaints of pains in the abdomen spasticski nature, flatulence, a pathological impurities in the stool (blood and mucus), usually there are signs of systemic candidiasis (defeated mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals). In andoskopicescom study identifies changes in the type fibrinozno-yazvennogo colitis. The GTI focal 4-8 bowel disease manifestations may resemble stubborn, rezistentnoe to traditional therapy for ulcers duodenum or nonspecific ulcerative colitis. In neinvazivne 4-8 bowel patients making complaints unstructured chair, bloating, discomfort in the abdomen, with a positive kliniko-laboratorna changes in the treatment of antimikoticakimi drugs. The GTI 4-8 rectum can be observed proktita symptoms (pain, tenezma, pathological impurities in feces). In some cases, the phenomenon goes perianalnogo kandidodermatita. Bowel tumours often accompanied by subfebrilna fever. Complications as candidiasis complications ulcers may develop intestinal perforation, ulceration penetration into surrounding organs, bleeding, generalization of the defeat parenchymatous organs, the development of fungal sepsis.
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signs of systemic candidiasis
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