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 production of antibodies to different tissues

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production of antibodies to different tissues Empty
PostSubject: production of antibodies to different tissues   production of antibodies to different tissues Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:18 pm

chronic disease polisindromnoe young people (mostly women), increasing in the face from genetically imperfect immunoregulyathornah processes, resulting in the uncontrolled production of antibodies to their own cells and their components, the development of autoimmune and chronic immunokomplexnogo destruction. The essence of the disease is to defeat immunovospalitionom connective tissue and microcirkulatornogo bed skin, joints and internal organs (the viszerle defeat led to determine the prognosis and illness). Systemic lupus red, according to the different authors, meets frequently 2,7-4,8 per 100,000 population, the ratio of sick women and men 9:1. Etiology specific etiological factor in currency is not set, but a number of clinical manifestations (zitopeniceski syndrome, and erythema enantema) and the pattern of illness can bring SCR disease virus etiology. Currently, it is important to viruses belonging to Rnk-groupe (the so-called slow, or latent, viruses). The discovery of family cases, the frequent identification in the families of other shapes or allergic diseases, various violations of immunity to think about what semeyno-geneticescoy predisposition. Exercise facilities to a number of non-radiation, nespecifica infection, the introduction of charges, the admission of certain drugs (such as peripheral vazodilatatorov from group gidralazinov) stress. SCR can begin after childbirth-abortion. All this will be hard as multifactorialnoe disease. The pathogenesis effects on the immune system virus (and possibly antiviral antibodies) for a hereditary predisposition desregulyatsia the immune response, which leads to hyperreactivity gumoralland immunity. Inside the patients are uncontrolled production of antibodies to different tissues, cells, proteins the body (including the cell organelam). Subsequently, the formation of immune complexes and deposit them in the various organs and tissues (mainly microcirkulatornom line). The rally processes of elimination fixed immune complexes, which leads to the release of lizosomnah enzymes, damage organs and tissues and immune inflammation. The inflammation and destruction of the connective tissue releasing new antigens, in response to which antibodies are formed, producing new immune complexes, and thus creates a vicious circle that ensures hronizatiou disease.
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production of antibodies to different tissues
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