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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 normal circumstances

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PostSubject: normal circumstances   normal circumstances Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:17 pm

There is also a boost to verhushechny heart, but he moved up from the bottom or from knutri left borders website caused fluid accumulation in pericarde, because during the Systolic strains arteries and pulmonary blood stem the receptacles-stressed, and the heart dropped forward to the front chest wall Taking the horizontal position and ustanawlivayasi in anteroposterior direction across pericardialna cavity. The dramatic heart of a phase Systolic ejocardiograficski a shift leaves mitral valve, which may be mistaken for prolapse. After removal from the liquid pericardium these additional shift valves disappearing. In large the expansion of the cardiac explore in all directions : the left in the lower divisions up to the front and even the middle armpit line in the second and third to line to the right in the lower divisions (5th межреберье) to the right срединно-ключичной line in the second, fourth mejreberlah somewhat less, but also lateralnee parasternalna line. Right boundary Center in is obtuse angle transition to a liver website instead straight edge under normal circumstances, a sign. Also extending down cattle occupies space Traube - Auenbrugger sign. In эпигастральной could mark выбухание through pressure effusion and the liver (more commonly in children with chronic process). Borders website vary depending on the patient's body : when it is, the zone of infibulation, in the second and third mejreberlah reduced by 2-4 cm on each side (off medial), and cattle in the lower mejreberlah for the same strength. Cattle on the area in the heart экссудативном перикардите is unusual intensity ( "wooden"). Change the ratio between the zones relative and absolute website : absolute cattle in the lower divisions recording back to the borders of a relative, there is a sharp transition to the timpanitu pojatam easy. In large vpotah behind the left angle of the blade down the cattle, slivatayasa on podmyshecnam lines with tupostew heart, which is struggling separated from arising in the left ekssoudativom plevrite. However, the website strengthened voice shaky and bronhofonia; Breathing weakness in bronhialnam nuance. Is this sdavljeniem bottom of the left lung vpotom, crowds bent from the heart. When the body is tilted forward patient liquid to pericarde partially exempt forward pazuhu, light murders, cattle under Blade disappears normal breathing, in the area are numerous and krepitirute deaf melkopouzyrchatae hripa. Auscultatory in выпотном перикардите keep hearts often remain clear and well even with the accumulation of abdominal many effusion, but only if they listen heart; In nijnelevykh divisions Center tones heart has weakened, Main problems in the heart of extended cavity vpotom shifted upwards and bent (equal reductions zvucnosti tones is a sign miogenna dilatation of the heart). Noise pericardium friction with the growing volume of a heart cavity shirts can be relaxed, captured only in some parts of the patient : the head zaprokidavanii ago (symptom A. Gerke), as well as inhaling.
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normal circumstances
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