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 great chakras of the heart

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PostSubject: great chakras of the heart   great chakras of the heart Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:49 am

Under gipoksiei fruit imply a change in his body under the influence of insufficient supply of oxygen to tissues and organs or inadequate utilization of oxygen. Classification Gipokshiyu fruit arranged in the length of the current, and the intensity of the development. Depending on the time period between chronic, and podostruu acute hypoxia. Chronic fetal hypoxia dispensed with inadequate supplies of the fruit oxygen for a prolonged period, aggravated during pregnancy and is due largely to morfofunktionalnami placenta changes, in particular the violation of its circulation as a result of degenerative, inflammatory and other losses. Podostraya hypoxia usually develops for 1-2 days before and declining responsiveness of the fruit. Acute hypoxia typically arises in childbirth and less frequently, during pregnancy. Often, a combination of acute and chronic fetal hypoxia, which is a very bad predictor factor for the fetus. The intensity of hypoxia can be functional : there are only gemodinamicakie violations; Metabolic : deeper hypoxia violations of all types of exchange, but human metabolism reversible; Destructive (severe) : irreversible changes at the cellular level. Depending on the development can be divided into the following forms of hypoxia : arterialno-gipoksemicescuu : 1. gipoksicescuu resulting from the delivery of oxygen in the bloodstream matern-platzentarnyi, 2. transplatzentarnuyu result matern-platzentarna or fetoplacental insufficiency and violations gazoobmenna the placenta; - gemicescuu : 1. anemicescuu, including gemoliticescuu and postgemorragicescuu; 2. hypoxia as a result of a decrease in affinity fetalni hemoglobin for oxygen; - Coronary : 1. hypoxia, evolving as a result of low heart discards in the anomalies of the heart and major vessels, heavy of heart rhythm, reduced sokratimosti attack; 2. hypoxia as a result of increased vascular resistance, in part because of changes in rock properties of blood; - mixed, which is characterized by a combination of two or more modern forms of oxygen deficiency in the fruit. Most are arterialno-gipoksem Planned and mixed forms of hypoxia. Even with uncomplicated pregnancies fruit supply oxygen is significantly worse than that of the adult. However, in all stages of development because of the compensatorno-prispo obitionah the oxygen supply is in full accordance with the needs of the fruit. Stability of the fruit to hypoxia determined by the following physiological characteristics of the development of the foetus : great chakras of the heart, reaching 198 ml / kg; Fetalni of haemoglobin, which is 70% of the total hemoglobin in erythrocytes; Peculiarities of the circulatory system, the three arteriovenozhnykh shunts (patient or aranciev, depressions, mejepreserdnoe ovalnoe hole arteritis, or botallov, depressions) at the expense of nearly all the fruit is mixed blood, high specific gravity anaerobioza energy fruit, which are significant reserves of glycogen, energy and plastic products exchanges in the vital organs. Growing the fruit of the metabolic acidosis increases its resistance to oxygen again.
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great chakras of the heart
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