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 identification of patients

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PostSubject: identification of patients   identification of patients Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 3:22 pm

Some strains of Candida lusitanlae resist amfoteritino, Candida krusei and Candida glabrata to flukonazolu. Detection of Candida in the blood to diagnose generalized candidiasis only in combination with the clinical symptoms (especially informative re-discovery of Candida in the blood). It should be remembered that in 70 to 80% of patients actually suffering generalizovannam kandidozom, identify mushrooms with blood crop fails. The serological methods consists primarily in the identification of patients with invasive likely mikozami. Adsorption of serological samples are possible with mikonositelstve and from healthy people sensitised antigens mushrooms; Sorption samples can occur when immune. Proposed original procedure for the detection of antigens and antibodies of certain metabolites cells mushrooms; Special diagnostic kits. An example is the Pastorex Candida, in order to determine the reaction of "latex-agglutination 'Repeating oligomannozhnykh epitopov antigenic structures, expressing the large number of macromolecules fungus. Recruitment Platelia Candida can be used to determine antigena-mannana Candida, for example, in the serum patient circulation microorganism. The first threshold of the antigenic structures equal to 2.5 ng / ml in the second, in conjunction with the method for determining the threshold of 0.5 ng / J In diagnosing gastrointestinal invasive candidiasis, in which there was no tissue biopsijny material for the Mycological studies, as the standard of diagnosis is based on the following criteria : growth over 1,000 bacteria / g Candida spp. in the crop intestinal contents made in a sterile environment, coupled with the effects of intestinal dispepsia and kliniko-laboratorna positive dynamics in the treatment antimikoticakimi drugs. Unfortunately, the correct fence intestinal contents for study kulturalnogo technically complex; Widespread in our country method planting drugs on goiter "can be used to assess the real function of the bowel. In diagnosing any form of candidiasis of the digestive organs it is important to bear in mind that the patient predisposing risk factors. "Accidental" identify candidiasis should be an incentive to find a background factor. It is important to remember that candidiasis can be an early demonstration of common diseases involving development immunodeficiency syndrome. In view of the foregoing, it would be unjust to make diagnosis briefly, as "tumours", without mentioning the background of the state. Difference Difference diagnosis of invasive diagnosis of gastrointestinal candidiasis (detecting macroscopic changes ulcers) should be with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, antibiotikoassotsiiro bathroom diarrhoea caused by infection C. difficile, memories defeat ishemicakim colitis. Neinvazivnuu form candidiasis be charged with a wide range of enteritov colitis and other etiology. Indirect evidence for the existence of candidiasis ulcers may make vnekishechne of systemic candidiasis. Treatment alone detection fungus Candida in the bacteriological analysis of urine (by the way), regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms of intestinal dispepsii is not a testimony for appointment patient antimikoticakih funds. To treat candidiasis bowel needed prescriptions, neadsorbiruthan clearance from the bowel. Today there is a variety of antimycotics. Products such as amphotericin B, Itraconazole, ketokonazol, flukonazol have systemic effects can be applied Local, orally and intravenously. In appointing the interior of these drugs almost entirely onto the top divisions of the gastrointestinal tract and is not short of the lymph cancers where the main population mushrooms.
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identification of patients
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