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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 responding to the call of the World Peace Council

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responding to the call of the World Peace Council Empty
PostSubject: responding to the call of the World Peace Council   responding to the call of the World Peace Council Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:32 am

There are reasons for and classification of diseases and the general rules for their treatment. Details of the exercises on nutrition, lifestyle (total dietetika) and the preservation of health at every stage of their lives (total and private hygiene). Book Two is a major body of information on the medicines used in medical practice at the time. It was more than 800 pharmaceutical compounds from plant, animal and mineral origin with their therapeutic properties and applications. Suffice it to recall, for example, the Ibn Sina that the bruises, destroying parts of the brain disrupt sensitivity and a loss of functionality. While rejecting demonologicakie views on the nature of mental illnesses, Ibn Sina considered the direct cause of mental disorder or of the environment or physical disorders. The finding relationships and interactions mental and somatic apparently was to Ibn Sina particular interest : "Kanone" refer to the possibility of psychosis in acute fever diseases linked disorders gastrointestinal tract with mental distress ( "strong grief, anger, sadness, etc.). A century after the death of the author of "Canon" is known in the West. Already in 1912. it has been translated from Arabic into Latin translation Gerardom Kremonski (1114-1187), in the 13 th century. in Hebrew and out in a multitude of manuscripts. Following the invention of printing in the 15 century. one of the first publications was and Canon. " Interestingly, the first edition appeared in 1473, in Strasbourg, one of the centers of humanism Renaissance. Then frequency titles he competed with the star-in the past 27 years in 1915. "Canon" has been 16 publications, and all, it issued about 40 times over and innumerable times in the excerpts. For five centuries, "Canon" as desktop book for doctors in many countries of Asia and Europe. In all of the oldest universities in Europe and the teaching of medicine was based on the work of Ibn Sina. Parts of "Can" translated into European languages, but the full translation was not. The Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of 11:03:00 SSR, responding to the call of the World Peace Council (1952) noted worldwide millennium of the birth (on the lunar calendar) Ibn Sina began translating from Arabic to Russian and Uzbek chief medical writer has a great scientist. The job was successfully completed in 1961, the publication of the full text of "Can" in both languages.
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responding to the call of the World Peace Council
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