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 relative cardiac

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PostSubject: relative cardiac   relative cardiac Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:16 pm

Astmaticescoe condition (or status) is one of the most difficult choices of bronchial asthma. The prevalence of asthma worldwide, morbidity as well as steadily increasing, and is now able asthma status in the United States die each year over 5000, and in England in 1500 patients. In our country, more than 3%, and in some areas up to 5% of the population suffers from bronchial asthma of varying degrees of gravity. Many of them suffer from asthma in severe, often complicated by the status of patients. Most infected women. In recent years, most noticeable has been the increase in the number of deaths from asthma in childhood and adolescence. Clinic In clinical practice, it is almost always very difficult to establish the border between heavy attack of asthma and asthmatic status. Accordingly, the number of the criteria for determining the status of asthma : 1) the full clinical picture of suffocation as a result of bronchial obstruction (with the possible change in the total lung obstruction), a complicated development "of cor pulmonale, and hypoxemic coma; 2) the emergence of resistance to simpatomimetikam and other bronholitikam; 3) clinically expressed hypoxia with respiratory and metabolic azidozom; 4) gipercapnia; 5) the lack of a drainage bronchus (delay conversion); 6) acute policitemia secondary. The presence of these manifestations obliges doctors to diagnose asthma status and the patient reanimatologu because, in addition to the traditional methods of treatment with the patient should be applied a set of special measures to address hypoxia and azidoza permission Bronchus diseases and the release of the respiratory tract mucus from the nose and congestion. For the convenience of a clinical severity of asthma is usually divided the disease three stages. The first stage of the transformation - asthma in asthma status with the relative compensation is already established resistance simpatomimetikam and derivatives purina. In fact, this phase is a protracted expressed attack of asthma. In fisichalnom patient study reveals a discrepancy between the intensity of the respiratory sounds remotely hear, and with the direct auskultace light-up heard numerous svistaschie dry hripa while auskultativo picture is more modest. At this stage shows respiratory distress with moderate gipoksemiei been zianoz pale. The light is usually heard weakness vezikulyarnoe breath tough places, with a considerable amount of dry svistath reached. From the outset, suffocation growing emphysema light, and the relative cardiac cattle is not defined explicitly and hearts are deaf. Sometimes it is the focus and fission II tone of the pulmonary artery has alveolarnaya gipoventilatia in connection with a violation of bronchial conductivity. In this stage of the MOU can be extended, although the breathing always reduced (tahipnoe). Gipoventilatia some stations light is not offset giperventilaciei others violated the ventilation / perfuzia, which gipoksemia in this stage was significant. The high rate of diffusion of CO2 from the combustion in a high hyperventilation eliminatiu CO2, which leads to respiratory alkalozu.
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relative cardiac
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