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 stability of hemodynamics

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stability of hemodynamics Empty
PostSubject: stability of hemodynamics   stability of hemodynamics Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:09 pm

In "zitratna intoxication" introduces users 5-10 ml 10% solution glukonata calcium. Overdosing anti could cause gemorragii and low dose brain. Cefuroxim solutions can cause reactions and complications. Fresh frozen plasma can be reason for the deferral viral hepatitis. Protein containing propellants prekallickreina could cause deep gipotonicescuu reaction. Massive plazmaferez replacement plasma albumin solution leads to a reduction of immunoglobulins, which may be the reason for the decline in immunity. To prevent overloading right divisions heart, respiratory disorders requires constant monitoring of the patient, proper substitution treatment, avoiding deficits. Contraindications the therapeutic exchange plazmaferezu : decompencirovannoe the cardiovascular system, the acute cerebral circulation, hypertonic kriz, mentally handicapped. The gross elektrolitnykh changes haemorrhagic complications expressed anaemia, sgutmeni blood (gematokrit more than 60%) should be broken cash gomeostaz before the plasmapherisis. During the plasmapherisis to study the dynamics of the circulatory system (ECG, pulse, AD DVD), the liver (serum proteins, Bilirubin and his faction indicator enzymes), a pechenerngo blood, the kidneys (residual nitrogen urea, plasma electrolytes, creatinine, urine), reologii blood. The UPP increasingly often use plazmosorbece (PLC). Authors with experience PLC feel that detoksicazionnaya PLC has advantages over HS : more pronounced effect detoksicazionny negligible impact on gemodinamicakie rates, the lack of adverse effects on the blood. Limfologicakie detoxification methods lymphatic system most fisiologicna and adapted to the active drug and timely correction homeostasis. By limfologicakim treatments in the UPP is draining PE limfosorbece, limfofiltration, limfodializ, limfoferez. Drainage breast flow (DPP). Outdoor limfodrenirovanie met in 1910 with fat embolism with a favourable result (Wilms W.). For detoxification in the human liver DPP used in the 1961 A. Dumont et al. Breast depressions is the main drain flow, the drainage function in removing blood from the skin space lipids and lipoproteida, antibodies, immunologicaki active cells, and when Mon.-nedookislenne Products cell disintegration toxins colloid solutions plasma protein vazoaguye polipeptida, biogenic amines. Operation external DPP (NDGP) is performed under local anaesthetic. Technical difficulties in the identification of a DPP arise in rassapnom, preravisto-rassapnom types of buildings, low or negative angle in the opposite corner patient. Applications developed at the hospital, described in the technical literature can usually allows DPP. For detoxification, the normalization of homeostasis and hydrodynamic performance necessitates adequate speed limfoistechenia. NDGP to restore circulation in the liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, reduces chronic swelling interstitia, normalizes hemodinamics, tissue metabolism and improves reparativee processes. The average speed circulation is about 3 ml / min. The lymph circulating in the human body under normal conditions is about 1.5 litres. The payload motivated complicated CPU, lymph flow reaches 10-13 l / sutki. Speed and the amount of lymph intensity limfoistechenia depend on many causes; Anatomic PE handling technology, the availability of safety, stability and hemodynamics vnutritkanevogo pressure hyper or dehydration organism adequacy infuzionna therapy, the reologii blood flow. The NDGP to cope with the payload should strive not only to fill absolute protein loss, but also of energy cost organism, which in turn reduces catabolised protein and nitrogen. Injecting a high nutritional environments should provide daily need at least 5,000-5,500 kcal. It covers energy and protein needs for the day oxidized to 600 g muscle, which corresponds to 130-140 grams of protein. The plasma albumin solutions, protein targets BCC supported at the right level kolloidno-osmoticesc e pressure plasma, but not the daily needs nitrogen, as the splitting of these proteins to amino acids and is 13-30 days.
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stability of hemodynamics
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