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 diametrically opposed to disorder

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Sometimes these fantastic images combined with the events of evil. Thus, the patient, in the skies and in meetings with the Lord routinely eat with him care of a bowl while tell their life affairs, asking him to give the Board; Participating together with the Head of State in the formulation of a draft peace in the world, the patient may complain to the it is nowhere can buy shoes. Olfactory hallucinations usually expressed as a new offensive odours, for example, the smell of smoke jjenogo pen or hair damp, poisonous gases urine. The weaker помрачении consciousness have mood disorders, which are very intense and can be volatile. Often the fear reaching, in some cases, the horror, rage, rage, ecstasy, usually after another over a short period. The simple form twilight feeling of consciousness accompanied by full amneziei episode. They arise in epilepsy, leaking at-convulsive seizures. Late aberrations consciousness pay psihopatologicakimi disorders can lead full, including retardirovanna, amneziei episode. Such aberrations twilight consciousness arises normally when polymorphic stroke. Which szenopodobnykh visual hallucinations and fear in the clinical picture of the state of feeling consciousness shows epilepticescom deliria. When unsound mind by the illusion and hallucination quickly with the follow-up galloucintonego seem to be moving oneiroid nervous. In both cases, there is usually a partial amnesia episode. Sometimes one type of twilight feeling of consciousness, for example, the twilight aberrations consciousness pay disorders may, at the whole episode changed seizures deliriem or oneiroidom. In many cases twilight feeling of consciousness that is not accompanied by amneziei and epileptic deliria and oneiroida afterwards remains reziduhalny crazy. Epileptic stalemate has been in the twilight feeling consciousness and epileptic oneiroida; With heavy disforiah, and the Generalized seizures, particularly emerging ones, there substuporosnye state. Much less a spontaneous stupora development. Mobility block with a depth varying from states with low obezdwijennostew and elements mutizma (non-speech), of which the patient is for a time to withdraw by verbal treatment (substupor) to the state with full obezdwijennostew absolute mutizmom, negativism symptom air bags and wax flexibility (status, in which parts of the body remain patient attached to the provision); could experience eholalia (repetition heard words) and perseveration (the dominance of any one thought, submission). The engine block is not reaching extreme levels, in particular there is a stalemate with otsepeneniem and stalemate, with attitude embryo. History obezdwijennosti can suddenly change of the institution of the devastating actions. After epilepsy and simple form twilight feeling consciousness stalemate can be extremely motor disabilities (empty stalemate). The weaker pomrachenia consciousness and epilepticescom oneiroide stalemate by psihopatologicakimi disorders (illusion modified affectom, hallucination), a characteristic of psychosis, in which it arose (receptor stalemate). The epileptic - stupora few minutes or days at the longest. Amnesia they can be total or partial. Epileptic special status, a group of disorders psihopatologicakih using such features as short (from a few seconds and minutes to a few hours), the frequent appearance in the light feeling of consciousness with rasteryannostew, allopsihicescoy dezorientirovca (consciousness of the "I" remains unchanged), the lack of full diplomatic episode. When seizures special conditions are actual disorders, fear, anxiety, depression or povyshenno-ekstatica t mood, as well as disorders of perception of time (time running unusually slow or feel instantly), there perception of space vestibular disorders. The seizures particular states are also snopodobne condition arising paroxizmalno depersonlizatin- erealizaie disorders of already vu, heard, experienced (or diametrically opposed to disorder), kataplectopodobnye of different, primarily mental, conversations that have no effect followed by the development of epilepsy. Among mental images galloucintorne emit in the form of images, in particular panoramicakih, hearing, usually verbal, and olfactory hallucinations; Ideatorne vice manifested violations thinking (breaks thoughts, they accelerated the emergence of false ideas, including in the form of memories); Conversations with the state of the amended consciousness increasingly snovidnyi (oneiroidnyi); vice-dominated disorders scheme body metamorfopsi (distorted values, or of the perceived and space), and macropsi mikropsi.
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diametrically opposed to disorder
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