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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 muscle relaxation

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PostSubject: muscle relaxation   muscle relaxation Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:55 pm

The first combination, then posinevchee, zaprokinuta head, jaw tightly compressed, apples eye opened up, or to side stretched further, do not react to light, there is no life. The tonic phase with 10-30. Subsequent deployment of a large convulsant epilepsy is klonica phase (1-3 minutes), which starts with a breath convulsant gradually rise to the increase, comprising all the major muscle groups, clauniceskie convulsions. There may bite language, involuntary urinating, defecating. Breathing rises; Zianoz replaced giperemiei skin; Consciousness is not to be refunded. Then it is the general relaxation of muscles; Fit finalized deep sleep. In almost all cases, there is amnesia. After epilepsy for a few hours, there are headaches, weakness, lower efficiency, muscle, mood disorders, as well as speech. In some cases, for a time, remain оглушенность, спутанность consciousness, sometimes aberrations twilight consciousness. Many sudorozhnomu pripadku may be preceded by the so-called preview of malaise, headache, mood changes, somatovegetativeh violations, which were well ahead of epilepsy. They are stereotypes and characteristic of the patient. In some cases, large sudorozhny attack begins with conversations, which can be impaired (loud noise, noise, a local noise psevdogalloucination), heart (or secretorne vazomotorne violations), viszeralna (unpleasant feeling the internal organs), sensory, olfactory, visual (in the form of basic visual sensations or complex galloucinathornah paintings), psihossensorna (sense changes size, shape of the body), motor (apnoea reduction of the muscles), psychological (changing mood distress "already vu", the inexplicable anxiety). Large seizures apnoea may limit tonic or nevarajenna tonic and 43.9 phase (abortion fit). The frequency of large convulsions seizures varies from one for many months or even years to several seizures over the course of the day. They can follow each other with a small break (series stroke). Children, especially in early childhood education, apnoea atypical seizures; Often without phase klonicakih convulsing, sometimes in the form of gemikonwulsi or muscle relaxation. In small pripadkah (absansah) is missing or weakly pronounced sudorozhny component. But for them, as for other paroxizmov seizures, characterized by the sudden, limited in time (short epilepsy), the consciousness, amnesia. In simple absanse the sudden loss of consciousness for a few seconds. Hospitalized with whatever comes in the same position with frozen gaze. Sometimes there rhythm bogies eye apples or century wegetososudistye violation (expanded baby, ucaschenne breathing and pulse, skin pallor).
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muscle relaxation
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