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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 convulsion component can be expressed

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PostSubject: convulsion component can be expressed   convulsion component can be expressed Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:55 pm

It will offer different principles : locate an epileptic focus, the nature of wedge. expressions, the depth of disorders of consciousness elektroengjefalografi SW characteristics, etc. The user-friendly applications is following classification seizures : I. Generalized seizures : large seizures apnoea (deployed, abortivee); Small seizures (simple and complex absansa, piknolepticalkie, mioclauniceskie akineticalkie and seizures); Epileptic status wegetativo-viszeral ne seizures. II. Очаговые (фокальные) seizures : motor, or propulsion (джексоновские, адверсивные, psychomotor-old automatic, automatic ambulatory, somnambulism, пароксизмальное сноговорение), sensory seizures (somatosensory, visual, auditory, olfactory, taste), mental frequent (сумеречные state дисфории, пароксизмальные fears пароксизмальные психопатоподобные state пароксизмальные of дереализации and деперсонализации), frequent voice (deep losses rhetoric, афатические attacks), wegetativo-viszeral ne seizures. Frequent epileptic characterized suddenness of death, the relative duration, frequency and stereotypes. These features can be clearly expressed in inicialna phase of the disease is characterized by general instability of clinical presentation, the diversity of forms of severity, duration, as well as the availability of generic emozionalno-wolevykh violations, the predominance of polymorphic bessoudorozhnykh paroxizmov lack typical of E. personality changes. In inicialna the most frequently observed spazmofilicescie or fibrile frequent (for children up to 3 years), asthma firm mood disorders, spasticskie deep sorrow and laughter, sleep disturbance (recurring nightmares fears snohovorenie, snohozdenie, repeatedly awakening accompanied by amneziei, frightening dreams), dizziness, wegetativo-viszeral ne frequent, paroxizmalno emerging parestesia (pokalawania sense, blade blade, numbness, etc.), gemiplay attacks. Further, in some cases, the disease can evolve in the form of tranzithornykh mental disorder and disfori bessoudorozhnykh paroxizmov. Convulsion component can be expressed isolated mioclaunicescimi podergivaniami individual groups of muscles or muscle groups without considerable change of consciousness. Big sudorozhny (tonico-clauniceski) attack is a sudden loss of consciousness (coma), a short tonic phase, in which the muscles of the body, muscles stretched limbs. Hospitalized falls as podcochenny; Because of acute voice sample, reducing diaphragm muscles are screaming or moaning.
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convulsion component can be expressed
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